Hot Girls vs. Fast Cars

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Difference between Hot Girl and Fast Car

In this world, there are two things that men dream of having – a hot girl for a date and a fast car to drive around and be the envy of everyone. Hot girls are the highlight of the evening for men especially who are interested in events like fashion shows and motor shows. These women have the power to make a man give them the world just by dating them. Fast cars on the other hand can be a type of girl magnet. Along with their sleek designs and modified engines, they rule the streets and beat the competition anywhere they go. To men, hot girls and fast cars have certain qualifications and these are the looks, the body and their power to attract men. Read below to find out which appeals to a man’s eyes more.

The Looks

Hot girls definitely have the looks that could stun every man she passes by. Typically, a hot girl has sharp features and their eyes are always seductive. They also wear clothes that would look like they are painted on. Wherever they go, and whatever they do, men drool when they see these hot girls. Fast cars on the other hand can be distinguished from an ordinary car just by looking at it. First, you can see that their features are rarely seen on the road and they have loud engines when they pass by. Like women, their engines are the ones they use to call the attention of a certain crowd. Along with their flashy designs and out of the ordinary appearances, fast cars are winners not only in a race but also by appearance much like a hot girl compared to a normal one.

The Body

Compared to an ordinary woman, a hot girl definitely ranks number one when it comes to their contour and their whole body. Hot girls definitely have big breasts and these are one of the first parts of the female body every man sets their eyes upon other than the face. Scientific studies have revealed that the reason why men love breasts is because they have this human reaction wherein they want women with big breasts to nurture their children. Breasts can be translated as engines when it comes to fast cars. The bigger the engine the car has, the faster it runs and the more attractive it is to men.

Events and Media

Hot girls can be seen gracing a variety of mediums and events. Examples are calendars, movies, video games, TV, charity events, corporate dinners, fancy special occasions, fashion shows and car shows. Fast cars on the other hand can also be found in calendars, video games, movies, cruising through the city, car shows and racing events.


  • Hot girls are stunning and are head turners. Fast cars are also head turners for their speed on the road.
  • Hot girls are very sexy and can weaken every man. Fast cars bring an adrenaline rush for men driving them.
  • Hot girls have big breasts while fast cars have big engines.
  • Hot girls are definitely my pick because they have the gift every woman envies, unlike cars wherein a simple car can be modified to be a fast car just by replacing certain parts.


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