Hepatitis A vs. Hepatitis B vs. Hepatitis C

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Difference between Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C

Hepatitis is a very dreaded viral infection that causes liver inflammation. There are 7 different variations but the most known are Hepatitis A, B and C. Each has different yet similar symptoms and ways of being transferred, but all have a little different outcome upon infection. They do all have ways of being treated or controlled but much easier to deal with if caught early on. It is important to pay close attention if you’re sexually active or doing drugs with other individuals.

Hepatitis A
Hepatitis C


Hepatitis A, B and C have a lot of the same symptoms. Some of these include a mild, short and light flu symptoms as well as nausea, vomiting or diarrhea. They all also experience a loss of appetite and weight loss. Now Hepatitis A has a different symptom from Hepatitis B and C and that is abdominal pain. White eyes, yellow skin, darker yellow urine or pale face also known as jaundice presents itself as well as itchy skin.

Ways of Being Spread

These types of Hepatitis can all be spread in some common ways. Each type is spread a little differently and yet in some ways, exactly the same as the other two. For starters, Hepatitis A and B can be spread through bodily functions like oral sex and sexual intercourse. Hepatitis C is transferred more commonly through blood during intercourse not through bodily fluids. They are all also spread through blood transfusions in countries that don’t screen their blood. Hepatitis B and C can be spread through the sharing of drug needles and unsterilized tattoo or piercing needles. While Hepatitis B is often transmitted from an infected mother to her baby, that is not usually the case with Hepatitis C.


Hepatitis A doesn't really have a form of treatment because like a cold, your body fights it off. You can get the first shot for a years worth of protection, then the second shot at 6-12 months for 10 years of protection. With Hepatitis B you will see a specialist who may take a sample of your liver tissue and if it is serious will be put on anti viral medication. There are very rare cases of HBV being severe. Over a 6 month period 3 shots for HBV are given and good for up to 5 years. Hepatitis C on the other hand is more extensive and expensive. Two tests are given; liver biopsy and liver function test. These will determine how bad it is and then two anti viral medications will be given, but are very costly.


  • All three types of Hepatitis B can cause some damage, but Hepatitis C is by far the worst.
  • Hepatitis B and C are known for being transmitted through dirty needles or unsterilized tattoos, but a key difference is Hepatitis C is rarely transmitted through motherhood.
  • They all cause symptoms like nausea, mild flu like symptoms, loss of appetite, weight loss, jaundice and even itchy skin.
  • They can all be treated in various ways, some more costly then others.
  • Hepatitis A also has something the other two don’t and that’s abdominal pain.

Which disease is the easiest to cure?
  • Hepatitis A
  • Hepatitis B
  • Hepatitis C

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The hepatitis virus is found in the faeces of someone infected with the virus. It only takes a tiny amount of faeces getting inside another person’s mouth to cause hepatitis A infection. Personal hygiene, such as careful hand washing, can minimise the risk of the virus being passed on.

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  • dr sabihuddin baqai wrote on November 2011

education of personal hygiene

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