Plenty of Fish vs. Okcupid: What is the difference?

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Difference between Plenty of Fish and Okcupid

Online dating has benefited a lot of people, especially those who prefer to get to know others who are interested in the same sort of personal relationship via casual conversation before setting out on a relationship. It no longer necessary to endure the painful process of embarking on the journey of relationships with people only to find out that the relationship included many misunderstanding between two very different people. Hence, it can take years and years to meet the right girl or boy. Similarly, a verywell-liked online dating site in UK, Canada, United States and Australia is Plenty of Fish. Another famous dating site is Okcupid which is famous for its various features like “winks”, instant messages, etc. that make it fun for people interested in online dating.

Plenty of Fish


Markus Frind is a graduate from the British Columbia Institute of Technology is the CEO and founder of the Plenty of Fish dating site launched in 2004. The site was independently handled until 2007 at which stage it became an organization with many employees.

Students of Harvard University, Chris, Christian, Max and Sam are the proud founders of this wonderful dating site called Okcupid. The first name of this site was The which later was renamed as the Okcupid. The was more like a set of self personality quizzes that also included the famous Myers-Briggs style match test.


The popularity of Plenty of Fish started with it being featured in many popular video albums like the “Available” and Lady Gaga’s album. Celebrities’ involvement such as the Lady Gaga contest wherein single men were asked to play the contest and win an opportunity to go on a date with the pop star is seen as boosting this site’s popularity.

The popularity of the Okcupid site began with the launch of a Crazy Blind Date concept in the year 2007. The most attractive feature of this site is its design in that it makes users comfortable when accessing it. Along with its popularity, Okcupid has been able to generate revenues due to features like ‘A-list’ which is offered on a paid basis. The friendly language of the site has been a plus point contributing much to its ultimate fame.

Textual Comfort

Plenty of Fish makes it easy for users to input small fragments of writing and at times this aspect is taken as a good one by some and as a bad one by others. It is very difficult to have conversations with somebody new with only limited writing ability.

As far as Okcupid is concerned, it is much easier for the user to input as much text as required - with a limit of paragraphs- making it more conducive for people to get to know each other and extend their conversations to a successful date.


  • Online dating should be a platform that makes everybody at ease in order to make the right choice. Go forth and choose wisely.
  • Professionals have made online dating easier with the development of these dating sites.
  • The popularity of Plenty of Fish can be credited to celebrities’ involvement whereas the success of Okcupid is due largely to its features.
  • Text chatting is better featured on Okcupid.

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