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Difference between CBS, NBC and ABC

All of us are fond of television. We watch the news everyday and many of our favorite programs are aired on one of these network giants, which basically becomes part of our everyday lives. In the United States, there are three television giants who have colorful histories and stories that would inspire us of their downfall and again rise to the top. These television networks are the Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS) also called “The Eye”, The National Broadcasting Company (NBC), and the American Broadcasting Company (ABC). All these American broadcasting channels are made available worldwide and they were all former radio broadcasting networks. They all have different programs to offer the public and the world like the latest news, the hottest prime time TV shows, sports and entertaining programs for children.



At present, the Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS) is operating for a total of 87.5 hours of customary network programming timetable. Their prime time shows are aired for a total of 22 hours for the week which are scheduled during Monday to Saturday at 8pm to 11 pm and 7pm to 11pm on Sundays. During the day, it operates from 7am to 9am from Monday to Saturday airing morning shows and at 10am to 3pm weekdays, they air soap operas and game shows. The National Broadcasting Company (NBC) is operating for a total of 87 hours which also provides 22 hours of prime time television and their schedule of programming is of the same format as of CBS. The American Broadcasting Company (ABC) operates a little longer with 92.5 hours of television. It also gives its viewers 22 hours of prime time programming and has the same programming format like the previous two channels.

Daytime Programs

The morning programs of CBS includes the very popular game show, The Price Is Right. This game show has been running for more than 35 years. They also air the a newly renovated game show called Let’s Make A Deal. Some of the notable soap operas that the air are The Young and the Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful, and As the World Turns. On the other hand, NBC airs only one soap opera during the day – Days of Our Lives,  which has been with them since 1965. The rest of the morning, they air the highly visible program Today. Finally, ABC airs Live With Regis and Kelly, the soap operas All My Children, One Life to Live, and General Hospital. They have also aired some game shows in the past but have currently dropped them in exchange for the program The View.

Programs for Children

CBS has a scheduled TV program for children aired during the weekend called the Cookie Jar TV. It airs cartoons like Strawberry Shortcake, Sushi Pack and Care Bears. NBC on the other hand airs Veggie Tales, Dragon, Postman Pat and Jacob Two-Two. ABC in cooperation with the Disney Channel airs ABC Kids on weekends with Power Rangers and Hannah Montana.


  • CBS, NBC and ABC all started as a radio broadcasting network
  • CBS, NBC and ABC are available at the United States and all over the world
  • CBS, NBC and ABC all have the same program formats


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  • RCB . 3+ yrs. ago

is the public not yet fed up with the excessive amount of medical-pharmaceutical advertising broadcasted during the evening news vs. limited actual amount of news being reported? how much revenue really needs to be generated by ABC, NBC and CBS to make it an equitable value for the viewer? Time to boycott, I think.

  • rem . 3+ yrs. ago

all networks need to think about the time they run ads on news networks. why does C. B.S. crank up sound on commercials do that? I thought that they were not allowed TO DO THAT. It is no surprise that more people are getting news from web.

  • Fred Ferguson . 3+ yrs. ago


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