Hollywood vs. Broadway

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Difference between Hollywood and Broadway

The entertainment industry just keeps growing and growing day by day. New actors and actresses popping out of nowhere with their own original skills, producers coming up with crazy new idea's to make their masterpieces and outstanding modern day visual effects to add to the excitement of watching a show. This now brings me to two of the ultimate entertainment places of all time, Hollywood and Broadway. At these locations you will never fail to be impressed, both forms of entertainment specialize in their own fields of specialization and give you nothing but high class, top shelf shows.


The Feel

Hollywood and Broadway have the same ultimate goal which is to please its viewers. However, these two places have different modes of offering entertainment. In Hollywood, the focus is more on producing movies that can be watched on the big screen or in the comfort of your own home. The rise of special effects has somewhat complicated the entertainment Hollywood has traditionally offered. With special effects, you can watch science fiction movies that are set in the far off future or depicting far off ideas and yet always entice a viewer's imagination so that fans are always excited about watching the latest movies.

Never doubt the allure of Broadway, the Great White Way. Here you will see nothing but top notch actors and actresses who are able to perform to a live audience under unbelievable conditions once, twice or three times a day for a number of years. They may not have the same level of special effects on their side but they sure have the skill and confidence needed to perform in front of critical live audience from all over the world. Plus, watching thespians acting out a dramatic play in real life beats even High Definition graphics as the play is a hundred percent real, the emotions the actors elicit are real and the audience’s collective tension is palpable. As they say, “The Play is the Thing”.

Actors Point of View

With all the praise being given to Hollywood movies, one would think that actor or actress in Hollywood would believe they have reached the ultimate acting acme in their lives. Think again. In Hollywood, actors can have many takes to redo a scene that was not delivered perfectly. Errors never “happen” on film. Plus special effects and overall movie magic will make them look ten times better than they would without visual technologies.

Now on Broadway, it's a whole different ball game. You actually have to perform in front of a huge live audience with little to no margin for error. Everything they do will be critical with how the show ends. There are no second takes and the audience is there watching intently and listening for an actors creative recovery out of an awkward moment. For actors, the feelings they get from the audiences are like magic food if everything goes right. The intimacy with the audiences, the set designs, the lighting, the commitment from the whole cast adds to the uniqueness and satisfaction of acting on the Broadway stage.

A Viewer's Point of View

Let me just give you one advantage and disadvantage to both categories which you will find is more than enough to see the difference. In Hollywood movies, the fan’s advantage is that you can watch a movie or tv show over and over again without having to pay more than the cost of a DVD or cable service. However, once you leave the Broadway Theater you're not going to see that play again without making plans, buying a ticket, getting friends to come with you, etc.


On Broadway, you can see the actors live and experience how well they actually perform. In Hollywood, you wouldn't know how well an actor really performs in front of the camera when deciding whether they are really good or not as they have time for all the takes in the world. Hence the belief that Hollywood actors are overpaid when compared with Broadway actors.

  • Hollywood and Broadway are the two major entertainment places in the United States
  • Hollywood produces movies that are shown in the big screen first and then on DVD.
  • Broadway produces live plays that are acted out in front of a live audience for viewing.
  • The pressure a Broadway actor feels is more than that of a Hollywood actor as they only have one shot to get it right.


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