China vs. Dalai Lama: Who do you believe?

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Difference between China and Dalai Lama

The Dalai Lama is sometimes referred to as the director of the Gelug School, but this position actually belongs to the Ganden Tripa, which is a position given by the Dalai Lama, temporarily, who in return, presents a lot of influence. Dalai Lama is a name that might be familiar to the masses because of the position he holds in Tibetan Buddhism. In addition to this, China is also responsible for giving this man fame because of the issues he has had with them. Tibetans believed in living up to their traditions such as of having faith in the Dalai Lama's process of being reincarnated in form of the ancestors they had.

Dalai Lama


The Dalai Lama, who is incarnated at the moment as the 14th successor in the respect of the tradition they have within Tibetan Buddhism, has been banished from his native Tibet for a long period of time. People's Republic of China entered Tibet in the year 1949 and took claim over the country. Even though they fought back, they were unable to stand against the Chinese who were invading their home country. It was exactly ten years after this incident that more than a hundred thousand Buddhist Tibetans and the Dalai Lama were forced to disperse because they made an unsuccessful attempt to get rid of the Communist Chinese threat.


After several failed attempts to negotiate a deal with the Chinese government, in 2007 that Dalai Lama's envoys entered China once more to attempt settle the issues that exist between Dalai Lama on behalf of Tibetan culture and the Chinese. The Dalai Lama insisted that he did not want the independence of Tibet but only the liberty and decision making power in the country as well as the right to speak the Tibetan language and practice Tibetan Buddhism which are now denied to native Tibetans. China still considers the Dalai Lama as a person who wants partitions despite him saying that he did not want independence. China still states falsely that Tibetans lead a better life in Tibet since Dalai Lama was thrown out of the country and the quality has become even better than it ever was when he lived there.

The Conclusion

Where leaders who are considered to be spiritual warn China regarding the independence of Tibet and of the regulations that have been afloat and were never able to be sorted out during the Dalai Lama's lifetime; they will surely face gruesome consequences. The mere thought of the Dalai Lama dying outside his home country would mean ridiculing the exiled youngsters of Tibetan who are already in the process of leaving a mark in reference to the issue that have broken out. With heightened awareness of the Tibetan issues by filmmakers in the West, we can see that the Chinese military forces have perpetrated terrible and gruesome atrocities on those living in Tibet for apparently attempting to practice Buddhism or participate in civil disobedience.


Where Dalai Lama is a symbol of humanity, just as Buddhism is considered to be, one finds it hard to believe this will be the reason that relations will take a new turn in respect to China and the Dalai Lama. More concern needs to be shown on this case because:

  • Dalai Lama has been driven out of his homeland and is dying in a place that was a temporary home for him which may have grave circumstances for his Chinese aggressors.
  • More political conversations need to occur in order to come to a conclusion that both parties agree to so that neither one has any regrets at the end of their time.
  • The rich cultural and spiritual legacies of Tibetan culture and Tibetan Buddhism should not because be lost because of Chinese hostility. Any observer will note that China has made no attempt to allow Tibetans to enjoy any basic freedoms in their own climate challenged land.
  • It is a true tragedy that the world powers did not assist Tibet in defending herself against the Chinese threat in 1959.


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