Buzz Aldrin vs. Neil Armstrong: Best of the best

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Difference between Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong

When the early days of the space program is the topic of discussion, the first name that comes to mind is always Neil Armstrong. He was after all the commander of the Apollo 11 mission that landed man on the moon. And he is in fact the first person to set foot on lunar terrain. Nevertheless, Buzz Aldrin stands right alongside of him as one of the key figures of this amazing mission. Let's take a closer look at the careers of these two remarkable men.

Buzz Aldrin
Neil Armstrong


Buzz Aldrin graduated from Montclair High School, after which he received a full scholarship from The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Interestingly enough, Aldrin turned down this scholarship offer and instead went to the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, where he graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1951.

Neil Armstrong for his part went to Blume High School, and like Aldrin, also had the option to go to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Again like Aldrin, Armstrong declined and went to Purdue University instead, where he studied Aerospace Engineering. Armstrong got his Aeronautical Engineering degree in 1955 and he has also earned a Masters degree in the same discipline from the University of Southern California in addition to a number of other honorary doctorate degrees from various universities.

Military Career

Buzz Aldrin served as Second Lieutenant in the United States Air Force and saw active duty as a fighter pilot in Korea, where he flew no less than sixty-six combat missions.

Neil Armstrong for his part was called into active duty as part of the terms of his college scholarship program. Just a week after turning twenty, Armstrong became a Naval Aviator.

Contribution To The Space Program

Buzz Aldrin joined the moon mission as part of the back up crew, after the tragic deaths of the original Gemini 9 crew. Aldrin was the second person to walk on the moon after Armstrong, although he does have the distinction of being the first to walk in space.

Neil Armstrong was also part of the backup team and served in the capacity of commander with Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins serving as lunar module pilot and command module pilot respectively. Neil Armstrong would forever be known as the first man on the moon.


Buzz Aldrin

  • Was offered a full scholarship to The Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Turned down MIT scholarship in favor of the United States Military Academy at West Point
  • Graduated third in his class with a degree in mechanical engineering
  • Served as a Second Lieutenant in the United States Air Force
  • Participated in sixty-six combat missions
  • Witnessed a UFO following the space module during the moon landing trip and confirmed with Houston that the object was not a part of the module
  • Offered conjecture that the obelisk on the Mars moon Phobos could have been built by unknown beings as a precursor to coming to Egypt and building the pyramids - or maybe not
  • Offered conjecture thatanother civilization from Alpha Centauri could have a compelling reason to advance their technology and visit the earth - or maybe not
  • Was the second person on the moon
  • Believes commercial visits to Phobos ispreferred overvisiting the Earth's moon
  • First human to have walked in space
  • Only astronaut to star on Dancing with the Stars

Neil Armstrong

  • Studied aerospace engineering at Purdue University
  • Was only the second person in his family to go to college
  • Was accepted at The Massachusetts Institute of Technology as well, although like Buzz Aldrin, declined to attend
  • Received a Bachelor’s degree in aeronautical engineering
  • Also holds a Master of Science degree in aerospace engineering
  • Has been awarded numerous honorary doctorates
  • Became a Naval Aviator at the age of 20
  • The first person on the moon

Who was in "Dancing with the stars"?
  • Buzz Aldrin
  • Neil Armstrong

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