Paypal vs. Google Checkout: Which is better?

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Difference between Paypal and Google Checkout

The Internet gives us so many windows of opportunities to make life so much easier. Researching and gathering information has become so easy with the advent of search engines and encyclopedic websites. Distance has somehow been shortened through e-mail technology and social networking sites allow us to keep in touch with friends and loved ones. Employment has been made incredibly dynamic by online job providers and workers. Even more, business transactions, shopping and earning salaries have also been revolutionized by the Internet through online payment processes and financing services such as Paypal and Google Checkout.

Google Checkout


In 2000, Paypal originated from a merged business venture between, an online financing company, and Confinity, a Palm Pilots cryptography group. Both companies started out in 1999 in Palo Alto, CA, and the year after they were conjoined to create what is known to be one of the most trusted online payment processing services. Paypal is now owned by Ebay.

Google Checkout is an online service provided by the corporation Google Inc. It was opened to the public in its country of origin, the United States in June 2006, and was initially a free service. It can be used by businesses and companies to process credit card charges at a lower cost.


Both Paypal and Google Checkout are similar in the sense that they are third party processors and they are used by merchants, buyers, employers and employees to sell, trade, or pay for certain items or services. They may serve a diversely similar market, yet also have their own unique features and differences.

For instance, one difference is that Paypal accepts a wider variety of payment methods through credit cards and debit cards, payments deducted from bank accounts and echecks. Google Checkout, on the other hand, only accepts credit or debit cards.

Security and Range

An advantage of using such services is the fact that both of them rate businesspeople or merchants; this helps customers shape their loyalty towards those they purchase items or service from, and at the same time encourages businesspeople to practice a greater level of integrity and reliability. This is needed especially because online purchases are perceived to be slightly risky, even if both Paypal and Google Checkout offer security. For customer concerns on security, Paypal provides a phone number where one can call, however Google Checkout can only be reached through email and forums. Another advantage of Paypal is that it is accepted in over fifty countries, while Google Checkout can only acknowledge transactions within the United States. The advantage of using Google Checkout lies with its ties to Adwords, a process wherein text ads will increase the chances of potential buyers of finding merchants on the Internet, which in turn widens the possibility for you to increase sales.


  • Both Paypal and Google Checkout are online payment processing services.
  • Paypal serves mainly merchants and buyers, and employers and their workers.
  • Paypal has more advantages in terms of usage and interactivity.


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