Bill Maher vs. Bill O'Reilly: Who is Better?

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Difference between Bill Maher and Bill O'Reilly

Bill Maher and Bill O'Reilly have often been compared with each other throughout the course of their long and distinguished careers. O'Reilly is often held up to be a hardened newsroom veteran with a decidedly conservative streak. Maher stands at quite the opposite end of the political spectrum, and is constantly heard haranguing the right for its supposed questionable policies.

The interesting thing about the comparison between the two is that they actually share many similarities, at least in approach if not in creed. Let's take a closer look at these two definitely colorful and lively media figures.

Bill Maher
Bill O

Politics and Policies

Maher is decidedly liberal in his viewpoint and his political leanings are generally apparent in his commentary. O'Reilly for his part definitely falls on the more conservative end of the spectrum and he has been known to take a hardline stance against the supposed liberal faction. In any case, both are well known for their tendencies to hype their own individual political agendas.

Commentary Styles

Both men have also been known to throw verbal barbs at each other on a regular basis, with Maher being particularly scathing and eloquent in his attacks. O'Reilly for his part isn't exactly known for backing down from a challenge and there have been numerous instances wherein the two have butted heads–verbally, of course.

What is interesting to note is that both men actually resort to pretty much the same tactics that they accuse each other of. Both have hinted at the other side’s veiled support for terrorism, not to say that this is true, but it is probably only the target of their attacks that differentiate them.


Both Maher and O'Reilly share a similar straightforward approach to commentary. In fact, the two share a lot more similarities than differences with each other in this regard. Maher and O'Reilly also exhibit a tendency to bring up hypothetical situations that put the other camp in a less than favorable light or deftly nudge their guests into doing so.

Both men–along with other noted media personalities it must be said–have also been accused of being more responsible for spreading fear and inciting hysteria than the politicians they so often vilify. In fact, some of their more cynical critics have suspected that both Maher and O'Reilly have a hidden agenda other than pushing their own individual politics: to get higher ratings and more advertising revenues.


Bill Maher

  • Decidedly liberal bent, constantly criticizing conservatives and the right wing
  • Considered to be a straightforward and straight-talking host
  • Tends to be extreme in his views
  • Tends to push left-liberal agendas
  • Has been known for scathing attacks against people he disagrees with
  • Often brings up hypothetical situations about “attacks” from the conservatives
  • Funnier of the two

Bill O'Reilly

  • Veteran newscaster and TV host who constantly expresses the need for "fair and balanced" news in a fear inducing fashion
  • Supposed no-nonsense approach
  • Tends to express extremely conservative views
  • Often promotes right-wing agendas
  • Also dismissive and sarcastic of people he disagrees with


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