Innovation vs. Invention

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Difference between Innovation and Invention

Too often people are oblivious to the differences between innovation and invention. This isn't uncommon however because the two are usually misconstrued as one in the same. Many people think that inventing something or an idea means you get all rights to it, but that usually isn't the case. While an invention is creating the product or having the thought innovation is what makes it known and is putting it out for the consumers to see and buy. You may invent a device that allows you to read a sign from twenty million feet away (theoretically speaking.) However if you cannot share this device with consumers you may sell the invention to an innovator who can promote it, sell it and reap all benefits.


Inventing is defined as the power of inventing or creating something that hasn't already been made. It’s making something that will benefit others and can be manufactured. Some examples are the telephone, lamps, and even antibiotics. However innovation is the process of introducing and creating something new. Maybe it’s taking one invention and adding to it and selling it to consumers, getting it known and reaping the benefits of the original invention.


When someone like Alexander Bell creates something, as he did the telephone, he in turn does not become the innovator. Although he received the patent for the electric telephone he did not distribute hundreds and millions to the consumers. His invention was innovated by manufactures and that is what made the telephone known and usable to the public. It takes much more then just an invention to help others and to be distributed across the world. It takes an innovator to go ahead and push forth those ideas, devices and the creativity. 


It is true that these two are interchangeable linked to one another, but they are very different in how they are carried out and what they entail. An invention is something created to use and even help others, or it can be described as the creation of something in the mind. Innovation however is taking that invention or thought and promoting it, as one may say. It’s the action of getting it recognized and promoted as well as distributed. You can promote an idea and get it known in the world, an invention isn't just an idea, it’s a creation. It’s the final product of the time you put into making.


  • It takes an invention or idea to make an innovation.
  • Inventions are devices created or creations made and innovations are realized ideas, getting them known and to a manufacturer to be sold.
  • Inventors rarely are the ones who promote their invention because someone has to make the thousands and millions of devices to be sold. Usually inventions are sold to innovators or manufactures to be sold.
  • Innovation can be taking others creativity and finally being the one to make something come of it. This can override the invention inventors spent so much time attempting to create perfectly. 


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One of the best Innovation vs. Invention comparisons I've seen in internet. Excellent! Good job...

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