Beautiful vs. Gorgeous

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Difference between Beautiful and Gorgeous

When you look around, you see various things and even people that look really appealing to one's eyes. There are some things you could stare at for hours and then there are those that you can't bear to lay your eyes on for even a second. There is no specific item that could fall under these categories as it really depends on a person as to what they consider to be appealing and the opposite. But for this article’s sake, why don't you imagine someone who looks very nice in your imagination. There we go; and the first description that comes to mind? I bet it goes something like ‘that person is beautiful or gorgeous' right? Point is, which is the correct description? Beautiful, gorgeous or both?


Their Definition

Okay, before we start classifying things, let's get a deeper sense of understanding with these two words. Let's start with beautiful. Now the word beautiful is used to describe people, objects, places and maybe even animals if they are attractive in a general sense, meaning it possesses certain characteristics or geometries that you find to be admirable. For example, 'she is beautiful', 'that painting is beautiful', those are correct ways to use the word beautiful.

Gorgeous, on the other hand, is something that is strikingly magnificent in its own original way. It's a thing that you can help but be dazzled just by looking at it. For example, 'that car is gorgeous' or 'she is gorgeous'. These are ways you may express this word normally.

Meaning Variations

If you noticed in my definitions above, you will see that I used both beautiful and gorgeous in the sentence 'she is beautiful' and 'she is gorgeous'. Do they try to convey the same meaning? Answer is no. Now to a person who doesn't know the difference will use these words as if they have the same definition. They are not interchangeable; hence there are two separate words. Now when you describe an object to be beautiful, what that means is it has characteristics that have appealing means by your standards. However, when you describe something to be gorgeous, then it is something that stands out among all the other beautiful things in its respective category. For example, in an art contest you will see a lot of beautiful paintings, however there will only be one winner and that painting can be classified as gorgeous. So now you know how to describe your partner if you have one. 'Hey hon, you’re gorgeous!' agree?

Object Descriptions

Okay, now an object that seems appealing to you can be described as beautiful or gorgeous. For my example above with regards to the art competition, if the winning painting was described as beautiful, then it won't really stand out. However the usage of these two words are not being followed strictly as every person has the ability to make their own judgment calls on whether an object is beautiful or gorgeous. Bottom line is they are two different words.


  • Beautiful and gorgeous are two words to describe an object of your liking.
  • Beautiful is used to describe objects that you find attractive whereas gorgeous is used for objects that stand out amongst all the beautiful ones in respect of its category.
  • Since the two words have different meanings, they really can't be used to describe an object while conveying the same message, but this is not followed strictly today as in a general sense, the two words do have common grounds.


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  • laura s. . 3+ yrs. ago

either description is welcome in my ear!

  • Matt . 3+ yrs. ago

Beautiful comment, I hope you are gorgeous.

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  • Rebekah . 3+ yrs. ago

Beautiful top... Gorgeous hair...

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