Knowledge vs. Information

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Difference between Knowledge and Information

Knowledge and information may sound to be one in the same, but are actually very different things. Yes it is true that both have to do with learning, intelligence, etc. but in various ways. If you've ever heard the saying, “you can always gain knowledge,”then you should have an understanding. You don't gain information, for information is what you read and what is presented, gaining it in your mind, absorbing it, is absorbing knowledge. It's alright if you're a bit confused, hopefully by the end you'll have a better understanding.



There's a very large and extensive difference between knowledge and information; further than the dictionary states. Information is the data that you get from various sources. It is the information from which you can learn, in the form of stated facts, graphs and statistics. Knowledge is what you've learned and when you believe the information you've absorbed to be true with no false premises. Some also see knowledge is being something you retain while information is data that is shared. You can tell someone information so they can be more knowledgeable in the subject, but you cannot give someone knowledge.


An example of information is the statistics from a study done on teen pregnancies or food disorders. The lists, graphs, and outcome encompass all information that can then be used, documented or destroyed. Knowledge is the ability to read that information presented and retain it in your mind to later be recalled. If you can open a text book, read the first chapter and retain the information in your mind, then you my friend have just become more knowledge in that subject. The chapter that you read was information and was turned into knowledge because of your hard work studying.


Both of these are important but in different ways. See you can be knowledgeable in something without information due to trial and error. Say you had to get a coconut from a tree but had no information available on how to do it. Well you would continue trying various methods until one worked. You have then gained knowledge on how to get a coconut. Information however is important because you can't learn everything based on trial and error. Without information a wide variety of subjects, matters and aspects of life would be unknown and we would have no way of finding things out. Studies could not be presented and gaining knowledge would be very limited.


  • Knowledge is information that resonates with your inborn sense of discerning the truth, which you accept as a part of your own reasoning process.
  • Knowledge is information that you have studied, learned and were able to retain in your mind.
  • Information is the data, facts, and graphs presented to you for your mind to indulge in and retain.

  • Knowledge can be gained without information in cases where trial and error is available, but information allows us to have a wide variety of knowledge on various subjects and matters of life.
  • Anyone can read information and benefit from it but not everyone can retain the knowledge from the same information.


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