G-String vs. Thong

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Difference between G-String and Thong

For many people, the G-string and the thong are one and the same items of clothing and we often confuse one with the other. While it is true that they both have a number of similarities–most notably in the way they cause a reaction in viewers!–they are different in some subtle although significant ways. And for fans of the G-string and the thong, the differences are certainly worth looking into no matter how subtle…which is more than you could say about their contents!



Most people use the terms "G-string" and "thong" interchangeably and as far as usage is concerned, they may as well be the same thing. They are both forms of underwear as well as swimwear. Interestingly enough, they are often worn to cause a reaction in others, regardless of whether that reaction is positive or negative.


Both G-strings and thongs are comprised mainly of a very narrow strip of cloth that holds and–some would say barely–covers a woman’s private parts. This strip is attached to a waistband of the same material. In some cases, materials such as leather, plastic, nylon, and an exceedingly wide and varied array of materials may also be used for the entire apparel. In most cases, the narrow strip or "thong" simply slips into the crack of the buttocks. As you can imagine, the results can be quite provocative to say the least.

In any case, neither G-string or thong underwear of any type are extremely popular amongst the majority of woman due almost entirely to the discomfort in wearing them. More women would no doubt wear these alluring and tantalizing undergarments if they only felt comfortable.


Not much is known about the origins of the term "G-string", although this much is known: the term was used as far back as the 19th century to refer to the strings of the loincloth worn by Native Americans. Some other usages during this period refer to the entire loincloth as a G-string.

It is interesting to note that the term G-string was actually deemed too racy for polite conversation at one point and the more sedate "thong" came into widespread use, never mind that a G-string is really only one type of thong. The reason for this is that G-strings also came to be associated with burlesque dancers and strippers at some point in its colorful history and this did not sit well with the more conservative factions of the period.



  • A variety of thong
  • Typically used as underwear, although it may be used as swimwear
  • Made out of a narrow piece of cloth, leather, or other material
  • May also refer to the string used in loincloths of Native Americans and various other indigenous groups


  • A general category of clothing
  • Typically used as underwear and swimwear
  • Comprised of a narrow band or strip of material that may disappear between the buttocks
  • Has become a distinct category of clothing that encompasses G-strings although it is actually derived from the G-string used by strippers


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  • Wynne . 3+ yrs. ago

A G-string and a thong are very similar. They both cover the front and they both go in the buttcrack. The only difference is where they meet at the top of the buttcrack. A thong usually has a triagle that tapers down and thus takes more sewing. A G-string is basically just a string attatched to another string.

Thongs are like a V

G-Strings are like a T

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