Fantasy vs. Reality

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Difference between Fantasy and Reality

In the good old days, it wasn't really hard to tell the difference between fantasy and reality. Everything that a person could see was real, movies were based on real events and nothing really out of the ordinary was seen. Gradually scary movies and psychological thrillers became more and more popular. Today however, some people, mostly children, have some issues with regards to knowing what is real and what nothing more than fantasy.

All this because the special effects on science fiction movies and the graphics on science fiction games are so realistic that it makes a young mind think that it may be real.


To help one differentiate fantasy from reality, let's define what exactly these two things are. Fantasy can be described as objects or events that are not found or do not occur in your everyday surroundings. An example of such is the world of magic. It is basically an illusion that does not exist in the real world. Anything that cannot be seen with the naked eye or have not been back up by scientific proof can be considered an element that exists only in fantasy.

Reality on the other hand is objects or events that occur in real time. Things that actually exist and have had scientific proof to back up its existence are considered to be real.

Often time's fantasy and reality are mixed with one another in novels, movies and games thus eluding a person from the basic facts of what are real and what is not.

Evolution of Fantasy

Originally fantasy was introduced to the public through books and various novels to entice a person into a world that does not exist yet had the ability to entertain by exercising one's imagination. Today fantasy is a form of genre that has been able to find its place in many mediums such as art, movies and even role playing games. The world of fantasy took its toll on children and young adults alike when the role playing game of Final Fantasy was developed. It is an iconic game where it introduces various aspects of mythical creatures, unknown worlds and wonderful magic. Proof of fantasy being a successful genre can be seen with box office movies like The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. Today, the world of fantasy continues to develop and grow and who knows what else lies in store for us, after all, nothing is impossible in the world of fantasy.

Effects of Fantasy

The world of fantasy as we know it has taken its toll in the world of reality. Now I'm not saying that fantasy does exist in the real world, but it is a topic that is popular among various people. Fantasy has also lead to various marketing successes in movies, games and even television series. It is a genre that people never get bored of. If a new movie, game or television series is about to begin with fantasy as its genre, you can be assured that it will be noticed by a huge majority of the public.


  • Fantasies are objects or events that do not exist or occur in the real world.
  • Reality is objects or events that occur in real time.
  • Fantasies can be said to affects one’s reality by channeling energy into a particularly strong emotion or attachment which can affect the one’s future reality.


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  • Debbie Cormier . 3+ yrs. ago

It's a very bad thing to introduce children into a fantasyland instead of teaching them about the real world in movies, games, special effects especially the violence portrayed these days.

  • David . 3+ yrs. ago

violence seems to be a outlet for frustrations that this current society has made a tool to use to control people. perhaps **** with a willing other would be a better way. Ask any religious leader why they shun pleasure for life when it leads to biolence .0

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