Brad Pitt vs. Tom Cruise

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Difference between Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise

William Bradley Pitt known as Brad Pitt and Thomas Cruise Maphoter known as Tom Cruise are considered the sexiest and the most attractive of men around the world and this is partially true. Both of these superstars have done some exotic stuff in the past. Both of them were seen in some great movies, but the question is who among them is the most sexy and attractive. There are various opinions from both the lobbies yet a closer look to both of their career and fame itself tells us a lot about how to decide the answer to this great mystery.

Brad Pitt
Tom Cruise

Debut Into Industry

Brad Pitt struggled quite a lot to adjust to the society before he was given a chance back in year 1987. Before this, he had been working as chauffer around Los Angeles just to be noticed by someone from the high profile. His debut on television was late in the same year. Brad Pitt got his first leading role in 1988 in “The Dark Side of the Sun” and that marks the benchmark to Pitt’s career.

Tom cruise got his debut role in 1981 with a small role in endless love and that was a benchmark to his overall career in the film industry. By 1983, Tom Cruise became one of the very popular teenage stars of the Hollywood. Later in 1986, he became part of the "Top Gun" that did a business worth $ 354 million.

Popularity & Appearance

No one can actually measure the number of fans that these two have around on this globe. There couldn't be any estimation about it for the figure is no less than millions for each of them. Both the superstars have produces masterpieces and still attract a huge audience by just appearing in a movie for the icons are considered the standard level for a specific movie.

Both the superstars have exotic looks with Brad Pitt being 5 feet 11 inches of height and Tom Cruise being 5 feet 7 inches of height.


An exhilarating career was witnessed from both the actors after their debuts as lead roles in the very first of their films. There are countless number of movies that were performed by both these men and that have been awarded several awards from the many award-winning institutions around the world in the field of films.

"Ocean’s Eleven", "Troy", "Mr. & Mrs. Smith", "Inglorious Basterds" are some of the super hit projects that Brad Pitt was a part of. These all did excellent business on the box office as well as received numerous awards from all around the film industry.

"Mission Impossible" series, "Minority Report", "The Last Samurai", and "Lions for Lambs" are some of the excellent creations that Tom Cruise brought to life.


  • A great moment in cinema was certainly the release of "Interview with a Vampire" featuring Brad and Tom in a love relationship. We were all watching with our mouths open.
  • No matter which traits you compare, both these actors are distinguished in their very own ways and have the same number of super hit movies scattered all across their career giving them a unique status in the Hollywood.
  • Both actors are in the highest echelons of Hollywood stardom.


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