Maxim Magazine vs. GQ Magazine

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Difference between Maxim Magazine and GQ Magazine

To start with, reading can be a leisure activity enjoyed both by most of us. A simple reading of magazines like Maxim or QQ Magazine has enormously affects on the lives of the reader. Reading up on the various topics covered in magazines gives readers fresh takes on what is going on with people, events, latest fashions, etc. Maxim Magazine is a men’s magazine known for its revealing pictures of famous actresses, models, and singers. On the other hand, GQ Magazine is also intended for men but focuses more on fashion, spots, sex, foods, music, technology and books.

Maxim Magazine
GQ Magazine


GQ is a the pioneer when it comes to finding good quotes, offering a new way of writing and the freedom to research, to write, and to think. It is not limited by the same formality you expect in a newspaper. Likewise, Maxim delivers its information in a fanciful and appropriate style that comes from understanding that men do need to know a little bit about many things.


The phenomenal success of men’s magazine comes from understanding their needs and giving them advice indirectly through humor and service combined with plenty of sex. Anyone who reads both Maxim and GQ knows that both of them cater to the attention of young professional males. Maxim is the magazine that motivates, intrigues and entertains. On the other hand, GQ’s approach is more focused on people, places, ideas and issues that shape men's personal expression, development and experiences.

Key Elements

The goal of most magazines is to publish articles that affect and catch the interest of their readers. Informative articles are the mainstay of the magazine and most are written in a basic and easy to absorb format. Articles on relationships, fashion, sports, foods and finance are extremely helpful and important to men of any age. Every issue in Maxim is informative and is an essential guide for today’s young male consumers. Humor and entertainment are their key elements in every issue that features on fashion, sex, music, sports, gadgets and movie reviews.

GQ's ideal readers are mostly those young professionals who can actually afford any of the featured high-end suits, shoes and watches. It continues to feature cultural commentary, celebrity profiles, features and style guides to keep the reader in touch with what's going on in the world month on a regular monthly basis.


Some may find it a bit uncomfortable to be seen reading a men’s magazine in public because it is fundamentally different from a newspaper in content and style. People who subscribe to men’s magazine are those who are on a break or have plans of spending some time reading at their leisure. Between Maxim and GQ, you can have the following things to bear in mind:

  • Content – both magazines are designed to cater to the male population. Writing styles for both are creative and not formal.
  • Main characteristics – Maxim has the tendency to intrigue and to entertain; GQ’s approach is more on people, fashion and style, places, and ideas.
  • Key elements – Humor and entertainment are the key elements of Maxim magazine; GQ’s are more cultured in nature with commentaries, style guides and features on celebrity profiles.


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