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Difference between YouTube and RedTube

One of the greatest things about Internet technology is the fact that you can watch just about any kind of video without paying for it. Indeed, if it’s just videos that you want, there are plenty of options, among these are YouTube and RedTube. By now, you must have heard so much about these two popular sites; otherwise you might not really say that you have been taking advantage of the Internet. YouTube is basically known for its video uploading features (and the videos can really be of any nature and category), while RedTube is more of a pornographic site.



First of all, YouTube is free for use and view. It also boasts of a number of interface tools, among which are a rating system, tagging features and commenting features. It also uses the kind of platform that makes it easy to share videos with friends. Videos to be uploaded must not exceed 10 minutes nor consume 2GB. Newly-uploaded videos take hours before they appear live on the site.

Watching videos on RedTube is also free. The site sports a rather interesting interface, very appropriate to the kind of videos being uploaded there. A beginner may find it a bit confusing to navigate in and around the site as it displays only those videos that have been recently uploaded. Downloading videos is not of lightning speed, but it shouldn't take one 10 minutes to complete a single download. One can see little video boxes at the side, but since the videos are actually of good quality, they don’t look disturbing at all. One downside, however is that videos do not go live immediately. Sometimes, it takes a week or a couple before they can be downloaded by somebody else.


Videos on YouTube are categorized according to Autos and Vehicles, Comedy, Entertainment, Film and Animation, Gadgets and Games, HowTo and DIY, Music, News and Politics, People and Blogs, Pets and Animals, Sports, and Travel and Places. Pornographic materials are now allowed to be uploaded to YouTube. RedTube, meanwhile, features pornographic stuff such as segments from porno films, clips for pornographic websites and amateur porno videos.


YouTube is one of the most viewed sites in the web, earning an Alexa rank of 3, and a Page Rank of 9. YouTube has served hundreds of millions of videos to millions of users. RedTube, on the other hand is Alexa-ranked 97.


The only thing similar about these two sites is the fact that both provide video based entertainment. Features, categories and popularity further emphasize the difference between the two:

  • Features – YouTube features include a rating system, tagging, commenting, as well as video sharing with friends; newly-uploaded videos take just a few hours before they go appear live on the site. RedTube boasts of an attractive website, enticing and sexy, to say the least. Uploading videos takes a few minutes only, but it takes a lot more than that (usually, about a week or so) for the videos to appear live on the site.
  • Categories/Content – YouTube has various categories from Autos to Travel, while RedTube is basically a pornographic site.
  • Popularity – YouTube ranks higher than RedTube which means that it is accessed more.


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  • John . 3+ yrs. ago

I do not think we need compare youtube and redtube. Both are totally different. Youtube is the most amazing tool to learn new things if you use it in a nice way, whereas redtube is just a **** source.

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