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Difference between Europe and America

If you were given the opportunity to travel or even live abroad, your choice would probably be somewhere in the United States of America or in Europe. These two regions are amongst the world’s superpowers and offer many modern comforts and pleasures. Europe occupies more than 3.9 million square miles of the globe and is comprised of 47 countries. The United States of America has 50 states spread out in roughly about 3.8 million square miles. So ultimately, your decision would revolve around three more attributes - popular landmarks, culture, and climate.


Popular Landmarks

There is just so much to see in Europe, among which are the famed Big Ben in London which has a bell inside that chimes every 15 minutes loud enough for all Londoners to hear, the Eiffel Tower of Paris, atop of which offers the most spectacular view of Paris, the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy, the Buckingham Palace in London, and Notre Dame in Paris.

The United States of America boasts of numerous landmarks, too, among which are The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, The Empire State Building in New York, Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta, Georgia, the Buckingham Fountain in Chicago, Illinois, Battery Park in New York, Liberty Bell in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Statue of Liberty in New York City, Jefferson Memorial and Lincoln Memorial both in Washington D.C. Of course, the list does not include all of the best vacation destinations.

Social Customs

Social customs in Europe vary regionally. French people are generally known to be blunt. Some social customs visitors should be aware of include social etiquette scenarios. For example, when introduced to one French person you are expected to shake hands. Also, Europeans eat with a knife and fork, but after cutting the meat with the knife on the right hand, the left hand continues to hold the fork with tines down.

Americans are generally friendly people. They love to greet even strangers. To most Americans, it is okay to be informal when addressing a certain person; in fact they tend to dislike formalities. When you are in the States and are invited to a gathering or any kind of event, you are expected to be punctual. Americans don’t always eat with knife and fork. At informal gatherings, they seem to eat mostly with their hands or just a fork held by their right hand.


Generally, Europe is blessed with temperate weather conditions. The west of Europe is basically oceanic, while the eastern parts are continental and dry. Tornados occur in Europe but they are usually weak and not capable of causing much damage.

Weather conditions in the United States of America are extremely varied, depending on location. The northern states experience the coldest climates with freezing winters, while in the states located in the southern side the temperate rarely falls below the freezing point. Except in Oregon, Washington and New England, summertime all throughout the United States is described as hot.


Before going either way, make sure to check these things first to ensure that your experience will not be anything less than spectacular:

  • Popular landmarks – Europe boasts of Big Ben, Eiffel Tower, Buckingham Palace, Leaning Tower of Pisa, and Notre Dame, while US takes pride in the Statue of Liberty, Golden Gate Bridge, Liberty Bell, Jefferson Memorial, and Lincoln Memorial and more.
  • Customs – Americans are friendlier, and they usually don’t like formalities. French people, on the other hand, are sometimes rude. When it comes to eating habits, Europeans hold the knife with their right hand and fork with their left all throughout the meal. Americans use their right hand to hold food.
  • Climate – temperatures in Europe are temperate. Tornadoes do occur in certain parts of Europe, but they are weak. The northern states of America experience cold weather and freezing winters while the southern states are usually sunnier.

Best region for travel to in the summer?
  • Europe
  • America

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  • sulivan wrote on May 2010

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Keep up the good work bro.Your article is really great and I truly enjoyed reading it.Waiting for some more great articles like this from you in the coming days.

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  • Lisa wrote on February 2011

Reading this article I found that rather than being an accurate comparison the european side seemed to be from an american point of view. Especially in the social side. It seemed like the writer was getting a little proud! I'm from the UK and I find that people are not blunt as said, but really pretty friendly, more so when you leave the city.

  • Guest
  • Steve Hammond wrote on March 2020

How soon the French forget who was the primary driving force of kicking the ****'s out of their country. I have been to France several times and I honestly don't know what it is that they have to be so elitist and holier than thou about. The country is dirty and the many of people are obnoxious.

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