Dedicated Server vs. Virtual Dedicated Server

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Difference between Dedicated Server and Virtual Dedicated Server

Managing a network is one complicated task, requiring a considerable amount of time minding the details when you are a network administrator. When it comes to the performance of your PC and your network, you are likely to find yourself choosing between the best hosting services out there. Typically, there are two choices you can make. You can choose a dedicated server or a virtual dedicated server. These two servers are similar when it comes to the things they have to offer, but what sets them apart is performance. Another important consideration here would be selecting the hardware, software and operating systems. These are some things that will be factors in the type of server that you choose.

Dedicated Server
Virtual Dedicated Server


Resources are very important when measuring the performance of your network and your server. In a dedicated server all network components like the random access memory (RAM), the central processing unit (CPU), and other components are exclusively for you and for your network. This means, all the resources are all for you to use and there will be no one else to blame once you go slow on connection or have some technical difficulties. When it comes to the virtual dedicated server, you’ll find that random access memory, central processing unit and other resources are shared by you and other people. This means, when there is a lag time between you and your connection, someone might be eating up too many resources for your network to function properly.


The performance of a computer and the server is highly important in every business and especially for those who rely on real-time information from peer to peer sharing. For a dedicated server, you will not have any problems with regards to performance because you’ll have more free memory capacity and no one to share it with. It is like running a program in a computer wherein if there is only one open program, the performance runs smoothly compared to having several programs open where it creates a lag time. This is true with virtual dedicated servers due to the fact that they are shared by other clients other than you. The result would be like a cutthroat competition for bandwidth use.


When trying to get the best performance out of a server, software is an integral aspect. This is because this software is the one that helps your computer do the job they need to do. With a dedicated server, almost all software, including the operating system to be used is usually bundled with the server package. This means, the server and the software is customized for optimum performance. When it comes to the virtual dedicated server, the operating system is run by the host and other software can be installed without restrictions.


  • Dedicated servers offer more memory and faster performance than that of the virtual dedicated server because their resources are exclusive to a certain client.
  • Virtual dedicated servers run their hosting by sharing a virtual operating system with more than one client which slows down PC performance.
  • Dedicated servers are usually bundled with software for optimum performance but virtual dedicated servers are not.

Which is more reliable?
  • Dedicated Server
  • Virtual Dedicated Server

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