Women 100 Years Ago vs. Women Now

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Difference between Women 100 Years Ago and Women Now

100 years ago times were very different in America. Everything was different, from how we acted to what rights women did and did not have. 100 years ago women did not have the right to vote- only to sit and watch. In 1920 that right was finally granted and now women not only vote but run for Presidency. Nowadays women also work, have a number of kids and even run their own lives. They are independent beings who can choose to live a more traditional life as a wife and mother or rely upon themselves to pay their bills, rent and make them selves happy.


In today's world, women are far more liberated then they ever were 100 years ago. They now have the right to follow their dreams, speak in meetings, seminars, hold careers and even have the choice of staying at home to raise a family or working outside the home for what they want. Women are now lawyers, doctors, surgeons, car repair techs, computer techs and even Secretaries of State or Senators. They are more or less free to do what they want without being held or pushed into a box of what should be done or what is allowed. Their minds are allowed to be freed however they wish.  

Career Option

Back in the beginning of the 1900s, having a career as a woman was almost unheard of. Of course, one may stumble upon a woman who was locally famous for taking care of her family through work in the absence of a male provider or husband. Women were expected to stay at home, take care of the children and let their husband bring home the pay check. Most of them were dominated by the man of the house; providing whatever the man dictated, food on the table when they came home, house cleaned, kids taken care of and anything else handled. Today women are not necessarily staying home but are out making their own money. They now have the option to work at home or to go out and have a successful career, economy permitting. 


As times changed and women were given more rights as well as more freedom they started to reproduce at a faster rate. However, I think this was for many reasons. In the old days (100 years ago) women were raised and brought up to have relations with men after marriage and be faithful to the one they were with. It was a crime to go outside the marriage, today, women are having intimate relations with whomever and whenever they want. Women’s greatest victory over the past 100 years is probably the level of education widely available to American women. Education opens the doors and is in some ways the great equalizer in the job market. And even if a mother can’t stay home to raise her kids and trade mommy stories with friends and family, she is blessed with the miracle of the Internet to keep on top of the best practices to follow in her personal and professional lives.


  • Women were denied the right to do many things 100 years ago. They were denied many freedoms and expected to comply with the demands of men and society.
  • Women no longer have to be at-home wives but now have the option of going to work or staying home to take care of the kids.
  • Education can be said to be the great equalizer on behalf of women in the U.S.
  • Generally, society has less influence on the conduct of women today.

U.S. Woman around 100 Years Ago

2010 Forbes List of Powerful Women

Which women would you prefer?
  • Women 100 Years Ago
  • Women Now

Discuss It: comments 80

Women have more rights now then 100 years ago. Women are equal to Men in all the fields. However, natural beauty women had 100 years ago is missing. Women now look very cosmetic. Wonder what will happen 100 years from now.

yeah i totally agree with you. i think years from now woman is goin to rule the world.

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  • hol wrote on September 2014

learn to spell

God help us since that would be a real disaster altogether.

Women today are turning into men.

you look like a man

They have already unfortunately.

yeah right that's why there is women empowerment.good to be heard but at the same time there is bad side of it...

I'm a woman. I believe that men should work and women stay at home with the kids. Divorce would go down,simply for the fact that men wouldn't be tempted to sleep with his co workers. A staggering 90% of infidelity arises from co worker affairs! America would probably come around because the women who left the work force would open up the doors for the men to get the jobs. Kids would have a more stable upbringing if we got rid of all the **** in our lives and made it simpler. No need to have that 2nd job because we can cutthe unnecessary junk we really don't need.

Seriously,it is the way it was supposed to be. Women aren't what we were created to do anymore. Infact more women are so stressed out,commiting heinous crimes nnotonly in the general public but scarily enough against their own children! If we didn't add the stresses not meant for us in the first place,we would be the caregivers we were always meant to be. I know this is truth,if you disagree I would really see if it is stemming from pride.

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  • khalil sani wrote on July 2012

yes am with you...thats how is suppose to be..

Which planet are you from?

Exactly, I agree on what you have to say. They're trying to make women a minority again, that's not right. Women aren't suppose to just stay at home, take care of the house, cook, clean and have kids. That would be pointless. Where would their fun be? Sounds like some people just want the lazy way out of life. lol Glad you agree with me, thought I was alone for a minute on my decision.

  • Guest
  • hol wrote on September 2014

mars what about you

  • Guest
  • you stupid for saying that wrote on December 2014

you a dumbass too

Really don't u feel that greed!!! Has more to do with it then womening working

Then women working! Maybe u didn't have a grandmom who was abused

But I did! And women being able to have jobs and educations has given women choices!!! Choices they didn't have 50/60 years ago!!!

I 4 one will never complain about having to work!!!

But I will complain about how little my husband thinks he has to do around the house and with the kids I think are focuse needs to change!!

That's right!!

  • Guest
  • hol wrote on September 2014

preach it bruh

  • Guest
  • Raptor wrote on September 2012

You go girl! That's the only type of woman i would marry!

  • Guest
  • hol wrote on September 2014


I don't agree. Women should have the right to decide for themselves. They can do anything a man can do. Everyone commits crimes, its just not women. I don't see how pride has anything to do with it.

  • Guest
  • mike the male wrote on April 2015

no women can't do everything men can do just like men can do everything women can

At this rate, we'll be a Communist state by 2015.

  • Guest
  • you stupid for saying that wrote on December 2014

**** you stupid -_-

  • Guest
  • mike the male wrote on April 2015

i love your answer and yes you are a woman are there anymore like you would like to know?

I dont get it. I am not trying to sound sexist but I live with my mom and she complains about working at victorias secret and how she gets treated there. And my first job i had to harvest lavender at 6:30 in the morning until 1pm getting stung by bees and carrying bags of lavender to a barn 200 yards from the fields. I didnt complain the hole time cuz I knew I was getting money out of it yet I listen to "This B**** yelled at me today for...." women just need to stop crying over how they get treated at work in my opinion...

Oh my God, what century are you living in? A dad can be caring and yes, a woman can be a lawyer. Men don't have to fool around at work or anywhere else. Meant to be? I was meant to be a strong, smart fully-implicated member of my society and trust me staying home with children can be mighty stressful!

If women weren't in the work place affairs would go down?? No. If a man is a true man he does what is right. With your logic, you'd also have to get rid of T.V. and the internet (**** and prostitution at your finger tips). A man will cheat if he wants to. What about the integrity of women. Why are all the women in your scenario sleeping with married men? To many men acting like women now days, in my opinion. human beings are lacking character and integrity. I'm all for traditional roles but what your sating is not the true problem or solution. Fyi I'm a women

If you think just sitting around the house wiping your man ***,and being his sex slave, is simpler. Than thats you. But we weren't created to be behind a man. Don't think your going to find a man that just wants a woman to stay home and use all is money, because this is the modern days and your not going to find a man like that. Thay have names for woman who like to spend other men's money "Gold Diggers."

  • Guest
  • Raptor wrote on September 2012

Actually I would prefer my wife to work at home- there is nothing discriminating about it

  • Guest
  • hol wrote on September 2014

are you mad

Women were created to be mothers and homekeepers. Remember the prehistoric times when men went to hunt and women stayed home with little ones and kept the fire going?

Times changed, but we still give birt h, not men, we still are the ones who make home a home.

Staying home and raising children doesn't mean that you are someones slave and gold digger. Men should take pride in being good providers for their families. When two people marry, noone is spending anyones money, that's not how it works in normal families. What's mine is yours, what's yours is mine, that's how it ussualy works in functional families. When people marry the become partners, one is going to work, another stays home and raises children, working very very hard at home.

If you read statistic you will see that children thAt were raised by their stay at home mothers were the most successful in life as adults

Yes but men didn't always bring home food because all the men were hunting. The women were the bread winners then and most of the time now. There are a lot of women who go to work and come home to a second job as a parent so that has nothing to do with men making a home a home. Now days one parent can't afford to sit home, they both have to work.

  • Guest
  • mike the male wrote on April 2015

good for you 100% right and whoever said gold diggers also need to look up dead beat dads

  • Guest
  • kay wrote on March 2018

Really that is how you see us women. question for you if your husband passes away how would you support yourself let alone your children? if your husband does pass away and you have never worked then you receive nothing, not even his pension.. so think about that. I was married twice and beaten and 1 of my husband's almost killed my daughter when she was 14 years old. so you are saying it is okay for men to consider women and children their piece of property and that if we do not do what we are told to do then they have the right to beat us...

  • Guest
  • omorolodaip wrote on February 2012

I really donot beliefs in someone thouhgt,but women should denied the right to those who want to insfringed their affairs..i mean choose who you to or not to.donot be missed your choice is about you and is not someone choice,be wise to make decision u never some decision are harmful or necessary for your life..becareful...lodaimaster p

nowadays you need 2 people to work, and women staying home that is plain lazy and stupid!!

Really, lazy? stupid? take care of children and be' stay at home mom is stupid and lazy for you? Have you ever made it your full time job to' take care of little ones?Do you know what is involved in child care and house work? Do you know that most women go to work outside the house because it's easier for them than to take care of kids and household.

Before their kids reach school age , almost all of woman's salary is paid to day care Nd babysitters, houscleaners and take out foods, as a working woman can't possibly work full-time and then come home and cook homemade dinner, cleAn and wash.

Women who choose to stay home and decided to raise their kids themselves, not to just let someone else raise their children are the most hardworking women of all.this job is always was underappreciated, as many men don't even consider it a job as women don't get paid for it.

When a man marries he should budget his money for a family and be prepared for his wife to stay home with kids. Otherwise if he is not capable to provide for a family he should not marry. But to expect your wife to work while hAving babies and taking care of a house , it's just not fair. May be it's time for women to call men lazy and stupid, as they these days are not capable to be good providers but decide to have families anyway.

  • Guest
  • Richard Nolen wrote on January 2014

Finally.... Intellect lives. I should like to expand on these points, as they are merited and have historical validations. One must keep in mind, things,(life),has gotten easier for BOTH mates. This being the case, there has become much more time and opportunity for diversification of interest and pursuits there of. I think, some, believe they are supporting what is "right", when, in-fact they are supporting what is current. I find working with the opposite sex...complicated at best. I have learned the female to be the embodiment of humanity. That is to say; I find them intellectual peers as often as not, and, on occasion, my superior. But the fact remains... Men ain't got ****............It is this premise that supports Charlie's case. They are by design, MOST functional as caregiver in the application of domestic needs of progeny and mate. It is the migration from this primal arrangement that has lead to the decay of social order and morals.

  • Guest
  • kay wrote on March 2018

you need to take a good look in the mirror.. women are far from being lazy

Wow, quite the mix of opinions. I raised my kids alone and worked full-time and still came home every day and made dinner, cleaned house and did all those other wonderful things that make being a full-time single mom a full-time job. And really to the Neanderthal that commented that women were created to be mothers and home keepers. I think I will be sad for you.

womens nw r independnt to do whtever dey wnt (gud thngs) 100 years ago women were nt given dat much indepndnt to show der hidden talents wch d womens nw cn..!!! hats off to all womens..!!

  • Guest
  • Connie Fitzgerald wrote on November 2012

Women are liberated, but along with that comes a loss of respect from men, stress, overwork, heart attacks, high blood pressure, high divorce rate and unhappiness. Really, are we any happier?

i dont think that women should have to do what they are told to do its pointless we are a free and now an people are till tryng to tll us what to do!!!!!


kute log dekho ye coment or taliya bajav

Well the women of years ago were much more committed to their men which many of them as well as men worked very hard together to survive, and money wasn't an issue that many of the women are looking for today. Much better educated women existed years ago unlike today when women's Lib took over since they didn't have the rights like they do now.

Well the women of today are very Pathetic, unlike years ago when they were raised by good families. But not today.

  • Guest
  • kay wrote on March 2018

you need help

He is right you know.

You women nowadays are very worthless and clueless altogether since you really think you're all that, but in reality most of you really are total losers to begin with. I rest my case.

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