Oracle vs. SQL Server

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Difference between Oracle and SQL Server

Oracle and SQL Servers are graphical tools that are used for the development of databases. Databases are planned to propose an ordered device for storage, organization and regaining information. Examples would be similar to Microsoft Excel as they are used in the format of a table and no software better than Microsoft Excel shows you that. Databases are similar to spreadsheets so if you have had experienced with them; it will take no time for you to work on Oracle and SQL servers. The following article holds a comparison between the two databases as we set them up under an experiment to see which one works out for the best.

SQL Server

Comparing Platforms

SQL server solely works with Microsoft related platforms. On the other hand, Oracle works with not only Microsoft platforms but also Linux Intel, Sun Solaris, AIX and many more. The variety varies when it comes to Oracle as it supports different platforms in comparison to SQL servers. Therefore, we can say that Oracle has an advantage of SQL server here.

Performance Wise

It is believed that how you deal with your database is exactly how your performance turns out to be. The provider of the database does not play a huge role when we talk of their comparison as if you are more familiar with the administration of the database and the development of it; you are most likely to get better results. Both of the systems can play excellent roles on their behalf if the one who is dealing with them is experienced. However, the only time you can compare their performances are when you need transactions such as those used in banking, airline reservations and control systems. One can run them through any of these databases and work on different platforms afterwards.

Comparing Features

ANSI SQL-92 is the entrance level that these databases use, as the intermediate level does not support this level. These products are built to be stable and capable. However, the factor remains the same that no matter how could either one of the features are, it is after all the experience of the person handling the database that it comes down to. However, SQL server costs cheaper than oracle but the later has a more powerful language. Oracle can be finely tuned but needs installment whereas SQL server is an easy installment game. Both databases have their advantages and cannot be separated.


It is understood that neither one of these databases leads the way as they both have one or another advantage over each other. The success of their work ultimately depends on

  • The experience of the person who is working on these databases matters as he is most likely to understand the work better and achieve better performance.
  • No matter how advanced the database is, the person who is working with it has much to with achieving the best results.

Which one is most reliable?
  • Oracle
  • SQL Server

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  • Guest
  • Vijay wrote on May 2010

Oracle is 100 times better than Sql Server.

  • Guest
  • santhosh wrote on July 2011

how do u say 100 times better than sql sever

  • Guest
  • gls wrote on November 2012

Where are the facts to back up your statement? Without facts, it is just an opinion, that is not worth anything.

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