Good Carbohydrates vs. Bad Carbohydrates: Healthy Food Choices

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Difference between Good Carbohydrates and Bad Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates consist of groups of organic nutrients like sugar, gum, cellulose and starch which aids in giving the body the energy it needs to be able to properly function. Photosynthetic plants are the ones which make carbohydrates and can be commonly found in corn, wheat, bread, rice, fruits and vegetables. Although studies show that protein rich foods and fats can be a substitute for carbohydrates when it comes to giving energy, the fact that the body needs fat and proteins for a specific purpose of growing muscles and gaining fats makes it hard for the body to share the protein and fats for energy. Thus, carbohydrates are still essential because it is one of the main sources of energy for humans and animals alike. Basically, there are two types of carbohydrates and these are the good and bad carbohydrates.


Good carbohydrates are carbohydrates that are still in their natural state or the ones that can be naturally found in the food that we eat. These carbohydrates have not yet been processed by human or machine intervention. Bad carbohydrates are nutrients that have already been processed and can also contain chemicals and preservatives when processing simple carbohydrates which make people who use these get some bad effects. Bad carbohydrates are already filled with a lot of preservatives and enhancers like colorings and additives.


Good carbohydrates are known to have high fiber contents. Having a high level of fiber inside the body means you will have a lot of energy sources from the inside for longer time periods. These good carbohydrate enhanced foods gives the human a sensation of fullness. Good carbohydrates are also essential in our body for it helps lower cholesterol levels and it also helps the body to flush out toxins. Bad carbohydrates on the other hand are not like the good carbohydrates which have strong tastes due to preservatives and spices. The effects of bad carbohydrates were proven to be harmful for humans because of the fact that these nutrients cannot be digested by our stomach easily.


Good carbohydrates have the characteristic of having a low glycemic index. These glycemic indexes are the ones responsible for the spike of blood sugar for some people. People with diabetes who have an obligation to regularly monitor their blood sugar are advised to take only the good carbohydrates. These good carbohydrates are not only good sources of energy but are also rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Bad carbohydrates, however, have no calorie level wherein when consumed in high levels might lead to diabetes, heart disease and obesity.


  • Good carbohydrates are the best source of natural energy that lasts for a long period of time
  • Bad carbohydrates are often as filling as good carbohydrates but also drop down rapidly, making you consume more and gain weight.
  • Good carbohydrates should be taken inside the body hand in hand with protein rich foods and fats in order for the system to understand us.
Which do you grab first?
  • Good Carbohydrates
  • Bad Carbohydrates

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It is extremely hard to lose body fat if you're overconsuming any of bad carbohydrates (even if you workout very hard). In addition to causing wild blood sugar swings and insulin surges promoting direct body fat deposition, eating too many carbs also increases your appetite and cravings.

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