Smart vs. Cute

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Difference between Smart and Cute

In the world in which we live today, we have become more materialistic than we've collectively ever been. Where having the latest cell phone is creating a difference in status, cars are defining our personality and clothes are telling of the life that we live, it all comes down to your looks. If you are good looking, the world is at your feet, if you are not, be prepared to be treated harshly. Whether it is getting good seats in a concert or getting someone to wash your cars for free, looks have been a playing a major role in our lives. It is almost as if having a good IQ is out of question. Here comes a point where we compare which is better: being smart or cute?

Where the Problem Lies

The value and worth of intelligence and information is not being promoted as sexy today. There may be a group that believes in smartness and they considered it elementary for having a successful life but contrary to that, there is a whole group that proves this wrong by just acting and sitting cute. People have lost the significance of having the smarts to know what is actually going on around them and having the IQ to seek for a solution.

The Competition

Where one person may get away with anything with just the flash of a smile, another needs to have logic and explanations for anything. Both types of people stand at the same level but when it comes to the long run and being realistic, a smart person wins this race by a mile. Being cute and using this, as a weapon is plain fake and a mask that a person wears. Just answer one question; how long do you this you can hold this facade?

The Key

It should be considered a great quality if you are smart and enjoy something different. Even if you are cute, it is not harmful in being smart for yourself and this will not harm the person or repute that you have. Everything is superficial and staying honest to you is the key of inner satisfaction. Some people are god gifted with good looks but actually earning the knowledge, using it efficiently is what is up to us, and this gift is always rewarded by one-way or other.


It is not up to the person whether he or she has good looks to awe anyone and everyone but it completely depends on every individual on how smart he or she is. The smarter people win this game because:

  • If you are smart, it means it was completely your strength, patience and IQ that is to be rewarded and not a gift of nature
  • You can get away with everything with the good looks but the internal approval is gained when you use logic and knowledge. One can manage to speak and not look good but to open a good-looking mouth and have gibberish coming out of it is certainly a down factor in a person's personality

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