Steven Spielberg vs. James Cameron

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Difference between Steven Spielberg and James Cameron

Movies are a treat for those who love them and there are times when an individual falls in love with the stories and relates himself to it. Such cases are very ordinarily seen and it is all the play of the skills of the director to see what response he gets from the public. It is the appreciation that they see in form of box office hits and status that they have which makes them all the more successful or a pure failure. When it comes to the best directors, one cannot think twice before taking names such as Steven Spielberg and James Cameron. Both the directors have earned their well-known names due to their remarkable creations and now, the competition keeps getting tough. 

The Movies

Where we have all heard of the amazing names of the movies, we also recognize these both individual as being the most creative directors of the industry. With movies like Avatar and the evergreen Titanic, Terminator 2 and True Lies Cameron has created hype amongst all ages. Whereas Spielberg's gives us constant hits such as Jaws, ET, Saving Private Ryan and Schindler's List. Both have had movies that have been high grossing films of their times. 

Modern Times

Cameron's latest movie Avatar has had people talking all over the world as it pushed every boundary that was possible in the cinema and shows a realistic motion picture to the audience which was not seen before until the recent times. This is the reason he sits as the king of the cinema today. Spielberg also has his Tintin movies lined up using the same technique that is said to be release in 2011 and his individuality peeked long ago when he created ET. Therefore, both the directors stay with the modern times and keep giving the public something new each time they come about. 

What It Comes Down To

Just because Cameron has made the highest grosser of all times does not mean that he takes the lead and Spielberg stays behind. One must not fail to see the constant move that Spielberg has been in giving us a classic after a classic and entertaining the world with all that he can. Steven Spielberg is a name that every person has heard of and whenever this name gets linked with a movie, it is a must-see for everyone because they know of the talent that lies in this director, as he creates magic with his skills. 


Steven Spielberg and James Cameron are amongst the most leading and expensive names of Hollywood today as they direct movies that are unforgettable. Where Spielberg is a renowned name, Cameron has a mind of an individual who tends to sway you inside out with his directorial skill. However, Spielberg still takes the lead in this race because:

  • He is not only an experienced director but one of the most popular names in Hollywood today and people can trust him to show them the classiest entertainment of all times.
  • Spielberg has a list of numerable movies behind him and if we begin to count, it may take us days to list down his best-directed movies. It is a classic name in the industry today and he never fails to come up to our expectations.
Which director has made the most impact?
  • Steven Spielberg
  • James Cameron

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  • Robin . 3+ yrs. ago

I agree that Steven Spielberg is the best director in modern times, especially with Schindler's List in 1993 and Saving Private Ryan.

But i can't decide on James Cameron or Peter Jackson, they got two new movies out - Avatar for James Cameron and The Lovely Bones for Peter Jackson, from what i heard Avatar has been talked up for a long time and i hope it's really as good as people say, but also i hear Peter Jackson has done a damn good job with Lovely Bones.

  • Johnny . 3+ yrs. ago

SPIELBERG. James Cameron's best movie is Terminator, hands down... But other than that he learned everything from Spielberg... Spielberg makes the best movies and he's the master...

  • Anonymous . 3+ yrs. ago

Terminator Two: Judgment Day was better than The Terminator

  • Avatar Airbender . 3+ yrs. ago

JAMES CAMERON. What was the last time Spielberg had a major hit to his name? Spielberg's most films have been crowd-pleasers. How many critics count him in the same league as Stanely Kubrick, a film-maker that James Cameron idolizes? Do I need to remind Speilbergians a train-wreck of maovie called 'A.I.' that Kubrick left behind that Spielberg slaughtered? Looking at the lastest affairs of these two directors, on sees AVATAR vs Indiana Jones 4. Speilberg is definitely past his best.

  • kyle . 3+ yrs. ago

Uh try War Horse released in 2011 which garnered multiple Oscar nominations? Speilberg comes out with a major hit like every other year. Want to compare the number of spielberg major hits with the number of cameron major hits? Its like a 3 to 1 ratio. By the way... nearly every director in hollywood (including both spielberg AND Cameron) has directed as least one movie bomb. Do some research.

  • kyle . 3+ yrs. ago

And if you want to get even more technical, Spielberg has been nominated 12 times for an Academy Award throughout his career compared to 6 nominations for Cameron, Spielberg's films have grossed nearly 9 billion worldwide compared to Camerons 7 billion, AND Spielberg has directed 35 FILMS compared to a mere 13 FILMS directed by Cameron. This proves that Spielberg is superior critically, financially, and has a **** of a lot more credit to his name. Need I say more?

  • Nancy H. . 3+ yrs. ago

You know, its really, really tough for me as a filmmaker to even answer that question, given the amazing contributions both have made to the film industry in the last 3 decades. But I chose Cameron because I would aspire to strategize filmmaking the way he does. He takes a LONG time to prepare the films he does. But the preparation pays off and he hits just about every time. Spielberg's strategy is different. He's up to bat much more often (makes a huge variety of films more frequently), but he has had some misses. Granted he's learned from those misses and when he does hit- he hits it out of the park. But again, its a different strategy. Love them both- love both their films (even Spielberg's misses). But since I HAVE to choose, I'll choose Cameron.

  • blake reid . 3+ yrs. ago

Steven Spielberg

1. Is a Jew

2. Makes films that are all sorts of genres

3. Is a video game designer to

4. Made Jaws, Et, Indiana Jones, Saving Private Ryan, AI, Band of Brothers, The Pacific etc

5. Was born in 1946

James Cameron

1. Is an Atheist

2. Makes mostly Science Fiction films

3. Was born in Canada

4. Made The Terminator, Titanic and Avatar

5. Was born in 1954


1. Both have made the greatest films ever made

2. Both have won awards

3. Both have made Drama, Science fiction and horror films

4. Both are still working on other productions

5. Both have made films that have Extraterrestrials in

  • mr . m . 3+ yrs. ago

of course ( JAMES CAMERON ) lets compare cameron could simply make any movie of Spielberg but i challenge mr Spielberg and every director on this planet to make TITANIC movie as mr cameron did it

  • see saw . 3+ yrs. ago

---AS both men have profited massively from pushing franchise slum values, and as both men have been at the forefront of promoting and predicitve programming tech-worship and EUGENICS, and as both have absolutely BURIED all consciousness of the ever unfolding RED Chinese Halocaust ----we'd say it's a tie!

  • fahad1584 . 3+ yrs. ago

If we see the whole carer of both then Steven is ahead but if we see the peak then Cameron is ahead with Titanic .

  • JP . 3+ yrs. ago

Cameron could only be compared to Peter Jackson.......No way near Steve.

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