Burger King vs. McDonald's

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Difference between Burger King and McDonalds

Life on the go can be hectic. However, when you're late for work and you missed breakfast, you can simply go through a drive through window and grab a bagel and a coffee. When you need a quick, cheap meal, you can always drive to you local fast food restaurant and grab a burger or a hot dog. Fast food can be a blessing and a curse at the same time. When eaten in moderation it could be a blessing, but if you eat fast food on a daily basis it can be a curse. Two of the most popular fast foods chains in the world are Burger King and McDonald's.

Fat Content

A McDonald's Big Mac consists of 540 calories. While comparatively a Burger King Double Whopper has around 920 calories. Therefore, when it comes to calories, the Double Whopper takes the cake, or in this case takes the burger. Depending on your dietary needs, Burger King Double Whopper is more likely to get you full than a McDonald's Big Mac. Since the double whopper is quite larger than the Big Mac.  Although each person has his or her own taste preference, most people prefer McDonald's over Burger King. McDonald's burger seems to taste better to most people. Therefore, when it comes to taste McDonald's is more delicious by consumers standards.


Although McDonald's is quite competitive in the fast food industry, when it comes to value, Burger King is definitely the king. You get more burger for your buck.

Locations and Market Share

Burger King has around 7,800 restaurants locally, while McDonald's has a whopping 13,000 locations locally. Burger King has approx 21.9% of the market share, while McDonald's has more than double that, a whopping 44% market share of the fast food industry. Comparatively, McDonald's has been expanding rapidly into the international market, in fact McDonald's has expanded in many third world countries, which include India, China, etc. Although Burger King also has international reach, it's nowhere near McDonald's reach. Burger King has managed to expand in only a handful of international markets.

Similarities and Differences

  • Fast food has made our lives easier, but has also cursed us with obesity and heart diseases.
  • Two of the most popular fast food restaurants in the world, are McDonald's and Burger King.
  • Burger King burgers when compared to McDonald's burgers are higher in fat content.
  • When it comes to being satisfied with fullness, Burger King burgers are the way to go.
  • When it comes to taste, McDonald's is the more popular choice.
  • When it comes to value, Burger King offers the best deal for the buck since you get more burger.
  • When it comes to locations, McDonald's has the most.
  • When it comes to market share, McDonald's has most.
  • When it comes to international presence, McDonald's seems to be in more places than Burger king.

Burger King Commercial

McDonald's Commercial

Who makes better Hamburger?
  • Burger King
  • McDonalds

Discuss It: comments 12

MC DONALDS IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH BETTER!!!!!! mcdonalds fries are amzing, while the burger king fries suck. and the "spicy chicken sandwich" from BK cant even compete with the Hot N Spicy from Mcdonalds. BK has always been jealous of Mc Donalds and Mickey Ds will always rule.

NOOOOO WAY!! McDonald's fries may taste a **** of a lot better, but Burger king's burgers are bigger, loaded in taste, has less bread and MORE meat. They just cannot compare. We are headed over there right now and I'm tempted to swing by BK for the chicken sandwhich and then pick up my fries at Mcdonald's! Oh ****... Now I'm wondering if I should just head over chick-fil-a or completely avoid the sandwich joints? Now to think of it, I can just head right on over to Taco Bell.. I mean, you do get 10 burritos for 10 bucks. Now THAT's a better deal than all 3 of those joints combined!

you know what. if you don't eat mcdonald's food you can smell it down the street. i just don't like the chemicals they use as much as burger king. french fries are as fresh as the oil is.


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  • Anton Fielstein wrote on August 2010

Gotta love those BK sweet potato onion rings though...

I like macdonalds burger and burger kings fries dhey all dhe same aint noe difference except dhe stores baby all dhe same burger worked at both of dhe places onced dhey both dhe same as in checkers and wendys

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  • Blake Reid wrote on February 2011

MC Donalds

1. First restaurant was opened in 1940

2.Has nicer burgers

3.Has bigger burgers

4.Has a playground at most restaurants

5.Advertising has imaginary characters

Burger King

1. First restaurant was opened in the 1950s

2. Burgers are smaller

3. Burgers aren't as nice

4. Has had more controversial advertising

5. Most restaurants are 1950s styled


1. Both are American

2. Both serve fast food

3. Both serve Burgers

4. Both serve fries

5. Both have an international chain of fast food restaurants

Thank you very much for your useful information about hamburger.....


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  • 1 time icey wrote on November 2011

bk is better,bigger errythang,better taste,cleaner,better imployees,less sugar,more for your money,mcdonalds is 2nd place to me

  • Guest
  • bobby wrote on August 2012

1 time icey u are wrong. bk has terrible employees. i havent been there that much but the 1 time i did THEY TOOK FOREVER. second...bk is so unsanitary they had grease dripping from the bottom of the bag NASTY. and when i eat there i get gas.mcdonalds has better prices too THATS A FACT this and there fries and beurgers taste better too.(and they dont give me gas) this is a clear choice.

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  • big mama wrote on December 2012


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