Ninja vs. Samurai

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Difference between Ninja and Samurai

We've all seen action movies, like karate kid, fist of fury, Bruce Lee, etc. We have all wondered at one point or another, what the difference is between a samurai and a ninja? Who is a better fighter? Where do they fall in far eastern history? Samurai and ninjas are both warriors, trained to fight their enemies using unique fighting tactics. Each warrior has his own unique fighting strategy; they both are well recognized in Japan's history. However, this is where all similarities end. Samurais and ninjas, have different objectives, social status, and vary in popularity.


Social Status

Samurais were well respected warriors in Japan's history. They were honorable warriors, who believed in honor and originated basically from the upper class in the Japanese society. Samurais were known to be an elite class of warriors. On the other hand, ninjas were considered mysterious assassins who were recruited from lower class citizens, they were trained and hired to assassinate people; they specialized in espionage and trickery. Unlike samurais, ninjas don't believe in fighting with honor.


Ninjas throughout Japanese history were not as popular as the samurai. Since ninjas were recruited from lower Japanese societies, Japanese people throughout history had little or no admiration for ninjas; therefore, little or no historical data is available on ninjas. On the other hand, samurais were highly admired by Japanese people and there are countless references to samurais in Japan's historical archives.

Fighting Style

If a ninja and a samurai were to go head to head, a samurai will win hands down. This is because a samurai is far better trained at combat than a ninja would be. Being a samurai is not only being a warrior, but being a samurai is way of lifestyle. A samurai eats, breaths, and basically lives according the customs of samurai. To simplify this: a ninja is trained to stab it's victims in the back, while a samurai is trained to win combat face to face. 

Good and Evil

Samurais were considered good, because they fought with honor, and always lived their life according to the code of a samurai. While a ninja was considered evil because a ninja was often involved in espionage, trickery, back stabbing, etc. throughout history good has mostly prevailed over evil, therefore, good has had the upper hand.

Similarities and Differences

  • Ninjas and samurais are not fictions characters; they really did exist in Japan at one point in time- and perhaps still do.
  • Samurais are considered an elite class of honorable Japanese warriors, while ninjas are considered to be dishonorable lower class warriors/assassins.
  • Samurais have rich history behind them, because they were well admired throughout the Japanese history due to their social status, while ninjas were ignored literally, and not much historical data exists about them.
  • Samurais are far better trained than a ninja, since samurais come from an elite class of warriors; much more attention is vested in proper training and skill development. While ninjas come from lower class society, not much emphasis is put on training; therefore, a samurai can easily defeat a ninja.
  • A samurai is considered a good warrior, while a ninja is considered evil.
Which warrior came from the royal class?
  • Ninja
  • Samurai

Discuss It: comments 22

Ninja were sneaky fighters that relied on stealth and subterfuge. The element of surprise was thier greatest weapon. As most of the ninja only did these duties as a side job they were often not as skilled as a Samurai. However one must take into account that part of the samurai took their part in the ninja's activities.

i believe thats true very little data is known about the ninja, how do people start by saying the samurai were better trained. the shinobi trained in secret and some off them were samurai who had lost their honour. a ninja is also known to use a variety of weapon. and anything that uses the cover of darkness is way deadly as compared to someone who comes by day. you never know when a ninja will attack you. assasin and soldier are way different.

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  • dillon diltz wrote on May 2012

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It was probably to the ninjas' benefit that they were historically ignored and little exists about them, considering their focus on secrecy. Good read. Check out Ninja vs. Samurai for the iPhone/iPod.

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  • dillon diltz wrote on May 2012


we all know

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  • Bob the boozer wrote on August 2010

If a ninja and a samurai were to go head to head, a samurai will win hands down. This is because a samurai is far better trained at combat than a ninja would be. I have to disagree with this one since ninjas had more skill and training in hand to hand combat

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  • bob sucks wrote on February 2014

what about the huge katana?

The ninja had a quicker sword, the ninjato, which was made to combat the katana.

I can't believe Raph, Donny, Leo, and Mikey were evil! Such a sad day for me and all my mutant frineds.

ninja is better and best than best samurai..

as quoted from a Samurai descendant: An educated fighter(samurai) is much more lethal.

No. The whole reason the ninjas were created in the first place is because the Samurai had took their level of power and "respect" and held it over everyone's head. If the emperor that they served was corrupt, then too were the Samurai. They used their power often for their own ill gains. Raping and pillaging and killing any men (even in their own village) that tried to stop the, from doing that.

The ninjas were created to combat those samurai. You were correct in calling them lower class, because in fact they were. Farmers and peasants alike, trained for years in the art of martial arts, stealth, and weapons. They trained to use skill, tact, and brains, more than brute strength and power like the samurai.



whats up homies

i like ninjas better

i like nijas better but samurai are uh just differnet...idk

*sigh*.....Where to begin? First off, ninjas were made to defeat samurai, that was there goal in being a ninja. Secondly, samurai were not actually "good" when ninjas were around, that's the whole reason the ninja fought back. They fought back because the samurai and current shogun were being tyrants, TYRANTS.

it's all a matter of conditions. Ninjas were trained in ninjutsu, a form of martial arts dedicated to speed, illusion, and surprise. Samurai warriors were trained for the battlefield. Ninjas carried little armor, and the samurai carried specially crafted armor. Ninja weapons included stars, knives, and modified farming tools. The samurai weapons were bows and katanas. A ninja's purpose was assassination and espionage. A samurai's purpose was victory and honor on the battlefield. Here it is. If a ninja took on a samurai face-to-face (which would have gone against most aspects of his training,) the samurai would rip the ninja to shreds. However, ninjas were masters of the assassination. If he followed his training, a ninja would quickly kill a samurai and escape without a scratch.

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  • ConfirmedDude wrote on February 2015

I would say ninjas were better.

Ninjas were hidden all the time and sometimes beat samurai.

Who knows?

Maybe they will a ninjas to powers anyway.

Ninjas are mostly Katanas. Only Melee weapons they use.

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  • SonOfANinja wrote on June 2020

Ninjas got their asses handed to them. Often they'd get caught because of meticulous training of Samurai that would keep their guards up even though it appeared they were down. Then those little ninja **** would get sliced to pieces when facing samurai's superior swordsmanship. Ninjas exist because they could not fight face to face due to small brains and an even smaller PP. The samurai were simply more interesting people who spent their off time writing poetry, discussing nationalist-imperial political theory, and banging hot chicks. Even the tallest and most respected Ninja were incels.

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