Indiana Jones vs. Lara Croft

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Difference between Indiana Jones and Lara Croft

The best of action adventure movie series' are there in front of us on a Saturday night and we want to choose the best entertainment for the evening- or the weekend. The competition will never end, however, Lara Croft is popularly known as the female version of Indiana Jones and both of them give the best of action packed thrillers and serve the best of everything a fan could want. Today, the industry is so huge that action adventure movies are released on regular basis.  Even in a genre full of great entertainment, these two movie series stand competing against each other because they've earned their position as among the best.

Indiana Jones
Lara Croft

Where They Come From

Indiana Jones is basically known as a popular archaeologist/teacher whereas Lara Croft is taken as a woman who amuses powerful East India Trading Company men with her actions! One is an expert in the cultures of the ancients, whereas the other is a character who is in for the fight. Where Indiana Jones is known for his whip and reasoning, Lara Croft is more athletic but depends on her guns more than her mind. Indiana Jones movies set him up as coming from a background imbued with rich, life long experiences whereas Lara Croft movies do not.

What we did not expect

Where Indiana Jones comes with a whip and lucky punches all around, one has to agree that Lara Croft has had extensive combat training on the ground. Her great firearms can do more damage to the enemies than a whip ever will. Where Jones has the experience, Lara has the looks and the contemporary arms a fighter needs. Her resources are more than Jones could ever have.

The Conclusion

Where both characters are good archaeologists, Lara has the advantage of being a contemporary woman and with beauty and allure that take the movies in a more superficial and stylized direction. Played by the ever-famous Angelina Jolie, the masses have the sexiest image of Lara Croft in their minds. No one would disagree that her physicality is a big draw for audiences with each shot shown in a glamorous light. Indiana Jones is also stylized but relies a bit less on the good looks of Harrison Ford and more on the mystery of the plot and magnetizing acting skills of Ford.

Similarities and Differences

We see Lara gaining from her experiences, and as time goes by, the audience is taken on the journey of learning along with her. Having a woman bust moves that we normally see men doing makes this argument all the more interesting and favorable on Lara's side. One has to agree that no matter what the cause, Lara is the female version of Indiana Jones.

  • We are familiar with Lara Croft in her outfits and her killer moves. The weapons she uses are real to life and we can relate to such weaponry.
  • Even though Jones has more experience, Lara is just learning which makes her trip even more fun to watch.
  • Lara's chief advantage is athleticism and faster moves than Jones could hope for. A younger, quicker and fit version wins because audiences just prefer to see young, strong action heroes.

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  • Julie . 3+ yrs. ago

Indiana Jones is a classic action hero who has done everything from fighting **** to recovering the Holy Grail. I doubt that my friends Julie and Mandy are reading this, but all I can say is: BEST ARCHEOLOGIST EVER. Lara Croft is the heroine of the Tomb Raider video games and movies. She's basically a pair of **** slapped onto a polygon body. Interesting side note: despite being primarily a movie hero, Indy has beaten Lara in both quality and quantity of video games as well as motion pictures.

  • GKJ . 3+ yrs. ago

You have got to be kidding. Indiana Jones has only about two video games that few people have ever even heard of. Sounds like some female jealousy in that comment since Tomb Raider video games are much, much more famous.

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