Satellite Radio vs. Ham Radio vs. Short Wave Radio

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Difference between Satellite Radio, Ham Radio and Short Wave Radio

Where technology has taken over our lives, some of us may still be old fashioned and stick to the evergreen radio. Radio technology has not made strong advances recently and manufacturers aren't necessarily interested in providing the highest quality devices to the consuming public, hence static interference sources aren't clear. Is it the radio device quality issue or is it just the transmission source plus outside interference? Radios devices such as satellite, ham and short waves are available for users worldwide. Today, in the technological world in which we live, radio is not a term that is used to identify just one specific thing but a number of types that are available and out of which three are discussed here.

Satellite Radio
Ham Radio

The Presentation

Satellite radio is a favorite for many since it has absolutely no commercials between segments and you can listen to your favorite show in one go instead of having it interrupted by annoying advertisements. Ham radios can be used by anyone and you do not need to know Morse code in order to use it, you just need to study a manual in order to use this tech savvy radio. People from every lifestyle can use ham radios. Shortwave radio is such that its frequencies can be heard thousand miles away, as well in other countries.

What You Get

When you use a satellite radio, you need to pay for it since there are no ads; the money is made through subscription fees! It tracks down digital signals very easily so you can tune in to any channel that you like. Ham radios are used traditionally by the government, as well as by astronauts, scientific types and hobbyists. Ham radios are very contemporary products that may be a bit hard to understand. It is also an alternative to shortwave radio as it can receive messages from one country to another. In some places you'd need to have a proper license to use such radios and governments run examination checks on those who use it due to security issues.

The Contemporary Uses

Where the uses of these different radio types are completely different, you cannot easily decide which is better without analyzing the reasons for using it. Serving the purpose of pure entertainment, satellite radio has been presented forward as the most widely requested type whereas ham radio is generally used by those who are more serious minded. Short wave radios serve the purpose of conveying long-distance messages from one country to another. These radios serve in different areas for different meanings and are highly successful in doing so as a lot of effort and technology has been put in to make the general term of the ‘radio' so vast.

Similarities and Differences

Even though these radios embody three different definitions of ‘radio', they are still the best products available in their league. Regarding their own areas, these radios are beginning to be more and more useful for everyone for a couple of reasons.

  • They serve the best quality in their respective areas of conveying messages or similar uses. They come with different services such as the satellite radio coming with a display panel.
  • These radios are used by different people to conduct different works and should not be compared as interchangeable.
Which radio is most useful in the city?
  • Satellite Radio
  • Ham Radio
  • Short Wave Radio

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