Prince of Persia vs. God of War

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Difference between Prince of Persia and God of War

Visual reactions to the user interface of this electronic game is fascinating. The video in the term "video game" refers to the moving images of the character in the inbuilt game. There are various sources to play such games whether starting from the easiest and the most available one for use with a television to the computer type. The computer configuration differs in terms of the size i.e. the mainframe or the hand sized ones. Most commonly and the upcoming similar category of games would be the Prince of Persia and God of War.  

Prince of Persia
God of War


The God of War is an action packed game supported by the ages in the Greek mythology. It has been developed by the huge giant of electronics: Sony Entertainment's Santa Monica. On the other hand, the backbone of the Prince of Persia solely depends upon the action thrilled scenarios. These scenarios are a product of innovation by the franchise formed by Jordan Mechner.


The God of War in based on a series of flashback from the point where the lead role leaps off a cliff into the Aegean Sea. This is an action stuffed game with the lead role defined as the captain of the Spartan army; Kratos fighting to achieve win over the Ares and the God of War. The deal between the goddess Athena and Kratos, provokes him to get into this fight to gain freedom from his memories. The game of revenge, liberty and fight for right starts and ends with the God of War.

More like a fight for love, the Prince of Persia begins with the authority given to the vizier- Jaffar by the sultan of Persia to support his presence at the war. The scenario begins wherein the princess falls for the main lead and henceforth he is subjected to imprisonment. Jaffar wants to marry the princess and with her resistance to that, she is also locked and forced to marry or else face death. The main lead starts his journey to protect the love of his life.  


God of War is a well acclaimed game receiving number of honorary awards like "Game of the Year" by the Academy of Arts and Sciences and has been also lined up for the Top 25 PS2 games. Prince of Persia is also deserving of some  highly recognized awards for doing a good job in making its place in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Similarities and Differences

Both games have their unique characteristics and summarizing them would give you the opportunity to get a quick glance of what they offer.

  • The option of searching for love in Prince of Persia to one's own search for the past is the backbone of the game.
  • 3D effects are visibly clearer in Prince of Persia while some of the effects in the God of War disrupts the game.
  • Though Prince of Persia is well acclaimed, the fun of facing new opportunities and threats is more visible is God of War.
  • It's a fun journey and the choice has to be made according to what kind of fun suits you best.

Which game has better graphics?
  • Prince of Persia
  • God of War

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  • Shayna . 3+ yrs. ago

I think God of War is more action oriented but Prince of Persia has more puzzles and a better story.

God of War uses some of the best established characters in history. Greek Mythology is literary gold. The characters in Prince of Persia are more original, but will never be as recognizable. In a way Kratos actually suffers from this. Fallen warrior stories are entertaining and I find Kratos' story more interesting than the prince, but he'll always be overshadowed by the Gods. The prince stands out in a big fish smaller pond kind of way.

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