Na'vi vs. Human

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Difference between Na'vi and Human

With the direction of James Cameron and stars like Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Sigourney Weaver, Michelle Rodriguez and Stephen Lang, Avatar is an impressive work of science fiction epic film released in 2009. It depicts the period of year 2154 when humans would have the urge to achieve the source of a mineral called Unobtanium by the mining process in the land of Pandora. The representation of the Pandora land is done by the scientific impression of a moon gas giant in the Alpha Centuari system. It shows the fight between the humans and the Na'vi community of the Pandora land since they are threatened of their life existence.


The Pandora land in avatar includes the various varieties of biominescent species that are unique in their appearance and as well as the functioning. The character Na'vi in the movie can connect to the entire planetary surface through a neural network. Even at the end of the movie, the strength of this network can be observed at the end of the movie since they win even after being so close to losing.  

The human characters are depicted as the people hunting for the Unobtanium product in order to fulfill their quotas. They have all the equipped machinery and the way of entering into the land of Pandora by creating an alternate reality existence which merges with the reality of the Na'vi. The human characters are highly skilled and intelligent.


The Na'vi people in Avatar are of astonishingly unique heights; as tall as around 2.7 to 3.7 m. Physically they possess eyes, nose, ears, arms and legs very similar to humans except that they are visibly larger. The obvious differentiating aspect of Na'vi body from that of humans is their blue striped skin. They can separate themselves from the human category since they possess the tendril feature projecting from the back of their head. The specific organ that connects them to the other creatures in their world is somehow connected to their specialized tail which easily connects with many other life forms on their planet.

Soul of the Characters

The overlaying theme of the movie and that which makes it so unique is that the Na'vi people emphasize their inborn need to keep their land pristine and vibrant. Audiences no doubt can appreciate the fact that our reality, replete with global warming and corporate plundering, stirs feelings of longing for an Earth that we have lost touch with and have failed to keep pristine and vibrant. The Na'vi people cherished their collective soul which was fed by the sense of oneness with each other and with all other manifestations of their planet's soul.  

Humans, apart from the few heroic roles, have been shown as selfish geeks who use their knowledge to create destruction and acquire the mining spoils. Humans have been depicted as lost souls with no sense of oneness or no sense of connectedness to a greater spirit in comparison to the Na'vi.

The movie characters clearly depict messages of intent and internal dialogue in line with personalities we are familiar within our own experience of movie reality and perhaps sadly in our own lives.   


  • Na'vi characters are huge and can be easily distinguished from the humans
  • The flora, fauna and creatures are fantastic to experience in 3D and create a new sensation in movie going
  • This is a rare movie in that animals are portrayed as essential characters
  • Humans being shown as the selfish creatures in contrast to the Na'vi
  • The movie characters deliver the movie's messages in an appropriate and astonishing way

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  • Shayna . 3+ yrs. ago

I'm gonna have to go with Navi on this one. I havn't seen Avatar yet, but in the trailer, it looked like it was hard to take on a Navi using a suit of power armor. It takes an assault rifle to take out an alien.Now that's not to say it wouldn't be a good match. An alien is faaasssttt and it doesn't look like the Navi would have much protection from the acid blood. :)

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