Toys R Us vs. FAO Schwarz vs. Fat Brains

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Difference between FAO Schwarz, Fat Brains and Toys R Us

Toys are something that every child has, and today we are so advanced that you get to decide whether you prefer to actively give your child educational toys and so he can learn while having fun. Where you present an option of letting your child have fun, you may not know that some toys may teach your children destructive techniques. Today, we have a huge line of learning toys and for children; learning has never been so much fun. It is healthier for a child to use such toys as this builds his knowledge before schooling age and therefore he or she understands many things easily as the doors towards communication, knowledge and similar skills has already been opened and provoked. Today, leading names of toy stores include Fat Brain, Toys R Us & FAO Schwarz.

FAO Schwarz
Toys R Us

Their Popularity

Toys R Us has evolved into a company which sells it products in more that 1,100 stores in the USA and 700 stores internationally. Whereas Fat Brain toys initially started as an online store, and have today, become amongst the best sellers of toys, gifts and games and have more than 5,000 of their products in store. FAO Schwarz comes with a rich history of existing in the market for the past 100 years and has become an ever-lasting company that initially started as just another toy store.

What They Present

Where FAO Schwarz is famous for its collection of exceptional products that show the brand's enthusiasm towards customer satisfaction, Fat Brain Toys promise your child intelligence at an early stage as their toys help your child develop the element of language and their interactive toys let your child improve their lingual facilities. Toys R Us does not stay behind in this competition as they present their distinctive toy collection of old toys, new toys and their own exclusive collection.

Potential in the Market

Fat Brain Toys are what the parents are more attracted to today since they let your child have the ease of learning with fun. A lot of potential is present in the market for this particular company. Toys R Us and FAO Schwarz have been in the industry for decades and now they collectively present a supreme market of toys to children since the summer of 2009.

Similarities and Differences

Even though we want to provide lots of enjoyment for children, we need to prepare them as well. Some parents take the step of buying educational toys for their children to make sure that their children do not have problems in school life, as they are a little prepared before hand. Therefore, despite huge names such as FAO Schwarz present, Fat Brain Toys is what wins this race due to the following reasons:

  • Your child can easily acquire various skills that are needed in the early stages of human development. 
  • And it is beneficial for parents because he has fun all along without feeling the pressure of having to learn something.
  • You are presenting your child with both entertainment and education. 
  • A combination hardly found, this concept is accepted, approved and appreciated.
Which toy company has the most clever toys for kids?
  • FAO Schwarz
  • Fat Brains
  • Toys R Us

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