Cute vs. Hot

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Difference between Cute and Hot

Cuteness and hotness are two distinct attributes that comes to your mind while talking about someone or something even. Cuteness refers to a state where one has an innocent structure of the face mainly related to big eyes, big head, well shaped nose and lips. Here, the subject who is termed cute is taken as an innocent personality with the facial structures attracting only.

Hotness is the attribute related to apparent temperament of the personality. The subject with this attribute is considered attractive to attract mature admirers who are being attracted by any other physical trait and not the face. This sets both the attributes quite distinct.


The Never Ending Debate

Cute vs. Hot: Well, this is a never ending debate that socially active people have fallen into. Cute attributes sound like we're dealing with the personality along with the facial or physical looks and sound more humble and attractive to mature observer. While hotness is something that correlates with the physical attributes only and has nothing to do with the personality, therefore, no matter how you present yourself, as long as you have a good body, you are hot.


If we talk about the sustainability of these attributes then cute is in it for the long run as hot attribute starts to become milder as we mature. Cuteness is something that will last for a long time for these attributes are naturally sustainable- until or unless some mishaps happen to the cute personality. While the hot attributes of anyone start to fade as life moves on. Hotness turns dimmer and dimmer every instance until all the appeal vanishes leaving behind the same typical compilation of flesh and bones.


What matters to most people is the advantage that one can possibly get out of a specific attribute. A hot appearance might get someone advantages and more chances to do cool stuff where you can exploit your looks, for example, on the ramp for modeling shows and commercials. Cuteness refers to a much better situations and opportunities, where one can work for a longer duration of time being carefree from the fear of losing the cute attribute.

Similarities and Differences

As a popular quotation says that "Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder", it solely depends on the admirer as to which attribute he likes in a personality. While comparing and contrasting cute attributes with hot, one can deduce:

  • Cuteness is more sustainable then hotness and one need not to fear losing the cute attribute that he owns.
  • Cuteness prevails innocence and purity of mind.
  • Cuteness is an attribute that comes from within the personality and therefore it attracts a wider audience for a long time.

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  • Ramanpreet . 3+ yrs. ago

Cuteness attracts heart..but hotness only attracts mind..😉

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