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Difference between Wordpress, Typepad and Blogger

Blogging is one of the most common services used by companies these days to spread the highest amount of awareness about their goods and services. Wordpress, Blogger and Typepad are some of the most common blogging tools used by businesses. The best part is that all of them operate on the content management system. So businesses don't necessarily need to consult a web designer to make any changes to their content. Both Typepad and Blogger offer a simple interlinking of the blog with social networking profiles like Twitter and Facebook. Typepad posts can also be shared via LinkedIn while Blogger does not allow such access.

This is not the case with Wordpress; so the blog can't be accessed by people through such sites. All Typepad, Wordpress and Blogger guarantee you with a greater integration with Feedburner enabling use of RSS feeds.



The main difference is in the costs. Wordpress offers the blog for free while subsequent charges are levied for other services like uploading audio and videos. But Typepad charges for the blog also because it has better themes. It has thousands of layouts for the users which provide them with plenty of freedom to customize their blog as desired. So, Typepad levies one time charge only for all such services. Blogger does not have a dedicated widget gallery for its blog users unlike Typepad and Wordpress which offer their users such a facility. Blogger does not take any extra costs for uploading video and audio files.

Changes in HTML

Wordpress allows modifications to be made by the users in existing CSS templates only and not in any other template. This is covered by additional charges. Its easy to make changes in the templates of blogs by using the drag and drop feature.

Data Storage

There is a vast difference between Wordpress and Typepad. Wordpress does not offer you unlimited data storage which is only restricted to 3GB unlike Typepad where different space limits from 100 MB to 3 GB are provided under different payment plans. The users of Wordpress also can't change the Javascript in templates as per their own discretion. They have to depend on the available coding only. Blogger on the other hand allows users to tweak the Java code and HTML. Blogger also restricts the content storage as per a user's account.


One of the most crucial differences between Typepad and Blogger is that the latter has been banned in several countries like China, Iran and Pakistan unlike Typepad which has a universal access.

Similarities and Differences

  • Password protection.

    If you feel that your blog can be hacked by someone and you need password protection; then opt for Typepad because it offers complete password protection. The same is not the case with Wordpress where single pages of the blog can be protected or specific posts. You may also allow some users to own your blog but it's not possible to protect the entire blog. People having a Blogger account can only access the blog and post comments. Blogger allows password protection if you know how to tweak the Java codes.
  • Purpose of the blog.

    If you have started the blog as a commercial tool, then integration with ecommerce tools like Amazon, PayPal is crucial for you. Wordpress does not include any such practical integration as a part of its facilities unlike Typepad. Wordpress has a limited availability of such services which is obviously not quite feasible for use. Blogger has added Amazon integration now.
  • Author support.

    Typepad has a multiple author support so one account can be used by several people. But the Blogger does not allow any such sharing of account. Wordpress allows 35 authors for a single blog although charges have to be paid to the tune of $30 for every blog. Blogger allows team blogging with 100 Bloggers with the owner having the ability to decide which of the fellow Bloggers will have administrative access and which ones won't.
Which is better for blogging?
  • Wordpress
  • Typepad
  • Blogger

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  • Sitikantha Pattnaik wrote on February 2011

This blog is amazing. Your comparison is great. You have nicely compared all the blogging sites. Thanks for sharing this post.

My choice is wordpress. I think it has better UI and a lot of plugins. Like the way it performs. Akismet is outstanding, I have no spam at all.

  • Guest
  • Sarah Parker wrote on June 2012

Thank you for your post. I found really useful information. I used to work with wordpress, and after your post I think I will continue to work with it.

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