Vampires vs. Zombies

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Difference between Vampires and Zombies

Scads of the people are fans of horror movies these days. It's true that these movies have carved a niche for themselves due to their blood curdling depiction of vampires, werewolves and spirits.

The nuances of vampires and zombies are not unknown to the ones who are avid watchers of these movies. Zombies and vampires are petrifying creatures. Vampires suck the human blood and eat the flesh at the time of night. But their brains are pretty much functional. On the other hand, zombies are brain dead and they feed on human flesh at any time of the day. Vampires can be destroyed by taking them out in sunlight.


Fear Factor

Zombies are scarier than vampires. The latter have been portrayed in a romantic light in many movies like the twilight of the saga and the HBO serial True Blood. Zombies are more hateful than vampires. Vampires have also been mocked for their humane attitude but nobody laughs when looking at the terrifying zombies in movies. However, movies like 30 days of night portrayed vampires as loathsome creatures.


Vampires have their origin in the famous horror novel of Count Dracula. But zombies don't have any such literary mention.


Vampires can be different from the others in their brood. They are not the ones to live and move in hordes but the opposite of this is exactly true for zombies.

Vampires are known to fear garlic and holy water. They are not much into eating human flesh but feel contented with drinking blood only. On the other hand, zombies have a lust to consume the internal organs of human body.

Similarities and Differences

  • Powers.

    Zombies are weaker creatures as compared to vampires. Vampires have amazing superpowers like the power to change to another form, telepathy and controlling another person's mind. In the serial True Blood, the main vampire Bill can read the thoughts of all the humans around him. A zombie pack has not been commonly shown in movies unlike vampire packs. Vampire packs are quite dedicated in their hunting approach. Members of a zombie pack can be easily diverted from its goals. Vampires can also fly but zombies cant. Vampires are quite fast and they can travel faster than light. Zombies can't travel so fast and can only run to catch you.
  • Looks.

    Vampires don't look dysfunctional and don't have marred bodies. In contrast to zombies, they have a pleasing personality.
  • Behavior.

    Vampires have certain code of conduct unlike zombies. Vampires can't enter your house unless invited whereas the zombies can enter any place at any point of time. Zombies are pretty dumb creatures since their brains are not functional any more. So, if they have to follow you in some vehicle, then they can't. If you are in the vicinity of a vehicle when attacked by these zombies, you can drive it to become safe. Zombies can't recognize human beings unlike vampires. For them, you are just a piece of flesh. So if you are able to lead to someone else, then you will be safe.
Who would win?
  • Vampires
  • Zombies

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  • Shayna . 3+ yrs. ago

the movie is one of the most hilarious things you will ever witness. The zombies getting run over, the "General", the fact that vampires have no real special abilities, the 10 mph speed limit imposed on all vehicles in the movie, and that fact that ***spoiler*** zombies and vampires never battle each other add up to a memorable evening of laughs.

  • Matt . 3+ yrs. ago

In the show true blood bill cannot read the minds of humans. Do your homework ! Sookie can read minds. She is not a vampire

  • Tasha . 3+ yrs. ago

Sookie is part faery, hence the mind reading ability

  • dagnabbit . 3+ yrs. ago

You're wrong about the origins of vampires being from the book Count Dracula.. There's folk lore going back 100's of years. Try using Google.. It's your friend...

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