Samsung LED vs. Sony Bravia

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Difference between Samsung LED and Sony Bravia

Two of the leading names in the category of electronics, Sony and Samsung present you the best aesthetics, quality and features that no other company can match up to. The companies are the best in their respective fields, have nearly taken over every electronics technique, and put themselves forward by giving their own touch to it. The Samsung LED and Sony Bravia have been presented to put forward in the competition and see whom the best is after all.

Samsung LED
Sony Bravia

Appeal Your Eyes

It is justified that the quality is there when it comes to Sony and Samsung and that is exactly what you get when it comes to their LCD flat screens. Sony Bravia comes in a darker tone of black whereas the Samsung LED is presented in the crystal black design to give a chic look to their aesthetic quality. Even the weight of the TV's is almost the same: Bravia weighing almost 42 lbs (approximately 19 kg) whereas LED weighing around 37 lbs (approximately 17 kg). Both the televisions come with the option of either being mounts on a wall or being put on a stand.

Features of Bravia & LED

Both the company names promise to give the best to their capabilities and therefore different features of the televisions do set them apart. Bravia comes equipped with a menu that has the options of languages, the frame of the picture with an option of even having a digital picture as your display. Other features, that are also seen in LED include, noise reduction, tone adjustment, color variation, gamma controls, auto volume and power off, sleep timer, auto channel search and Teletext. When it comes to consuming power, Bravia takes the lead as its run time is of 170W and above whereas LED takes up 240W. The difference is present even when it is in a standby mode.

Quality or Just the Presentation?

The appearance is not the only factor that makes you decide the TV that you want to buy. The quality of the TV is the utmost important factor to be kept in mind. The battle continues between Sony and Samsung and they make it hard for the public to decide the winner when it comes to the picture quality.

Similarities and Differences

In the race of wanting the maximum customers by giving in their maximum efforts, Sony Bravia and Samsung LED serve the public with exactly what they want. They put forward their quality and the charges are such that they make sure that you feel that the product is worth your money. However, Sony Bravia certainly takes the lead due to the following reasons:

  • Sony gives twice the features that Samsung does and consumes less power than Samsung does which is an extra plus point to their list of customer priorities.
  • Sony Bravia is a whole package deal as it not only has the perfect aesthetics, but also is advantageous to any type of a buy as it thrives to serve for perfection in every sense whether it is features, capability, power consummation etc.

Sony Bravia Commercial


Samsung 3D LED Commercial

Which TV is better?
  • Samsung LED
  • Sony Bravia

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  • John . 3+ yrs. ago

LED Tv ( LCD display use LED as back-light ) is New LCD Display Technology !

They can produce a very bright image with greater contrast and deeper blacks compared to LCD TVs.

With Edge-LED lighting they can be extremely slim. Current models on the market are just over 1 inch thick.

They consume much less power. About 40% less compared to an LCD TV of a similar size.

They can offer a wider colour gamut, especially when RGB-LED backlighting is used

LCD TV Quality is close to Plasma Display.

Prices for LED TV is 3 to 4 X high compare to same size LCD TV.

Sony W Series is LCD TV . it cant compare to LED tv . and is not fair to compare.

Samsung LED TV of course is High Quality TV !

Sony Zx and X series is LED TV., it always same class / quality compare to Samsung LED TV.

  • Louis . 3+ yrs. ago

Sony W67 also is LED (LCD) TV

  • David . 3+ yrs. ago

Sony and Samsung are launching new models.

Samsung already released 3D LED TV, where as Sony partnered with Google to launch Google TV in Q3 - Q4

Samsung B series(UN55B7000,UN55B8000, UN55B9000 etc.) are LED TV's with out 3D. Samsung C series (UN55C7000, UN55C8000, UN55C9000 etc.) are LED TV's with 3D technology.

  • Dan . 3+ yrs. ago

Bla shut the door no way sony is better than that old man samsung

  • SERDAR KESKIN . 3+ yrs. ago



  • Devarsh . 3+ yrs. ago

Samsung is anyways more trustworthy then sony as a brand and has a longer overall life. In a sony tv the quality of the picture degrades with time.

  • Swaran . 3+ yrs. ago

Which factors are you considering by saying "Samsung is anyways more trustworthy then Sony"?

Sony has been a pioneer in making Televisions and creating new technologies.

Regarding trust, JAPANESE products have always been ahead of any other country products in reliability. Like the name goes TOYOTA in the automobile industry, Sony goes in the television industry.

You may find brilliant and attractive features in a Mercedes, but all stand second to Toyota when Reliability comes to count Globally.

  • Vinayaka . 3+ yrs. ago

do u know LED and 3D Technology was invented and developed By Samsung.

They are Pioneers not sony Because Pioneers means one who is first in doing new things

Just Chill...

  • Kamerads . 3+ yrs. ago

Do You know, Sony was introduced the FIRST LED TV Qualia 005 in 2004??

  • Arjun . 3+ yrs. ago

First of all your an idiot claiming sony better over samsung,i myself checked the clarity diff. between the two and son,Samsung got a better display! probably the best around the world and its 3D is no doubt outstanding Ultra Real! Hats off!

And 2ndly your saying Toyota is better than Mercedes???


EAT **** ****,SUCK ****,IMMA **** YOUR **** MOM WHILE YOU GO **** YOUR PAPPA!

DUMB ****!!

  • bob . 3+ yrs. ago

What a childish ****!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Francis Martin . 3+ yrs. ago

You're right..Samsung design n manufacture their own TV screen..whereas Sony bought it from LG...Kudos Samsung.

  • Syed Usman Haider . 3+ yrs. ago

sony has been a pioner in making tv and creating new technologies

  • Vinayaka . 3+ yrs. ago

do u know LED and 3D Technology was invented and developed By Samsung.

They are Pioneers not sony Because Pioneers means one who is first in doing new things

Just Chill...

  • tsuchijun . 3+ yrs. ago

haha actually sony developed first led tv, just like they developed and released the first OLED tv back in 2007 haha

  • RERE . 3+ yrs. ago

New models of SONY bravia is great and very slim i bought yesterday great for price and quality...SAMSUNG THE CHEAP PLASTIC...

  • Abhinit . 3+ yrs. ago

You are wrong ! Sony does not make Bravia products of Aluminium ! Even Bravia are made of Plastics. Samsung innovated the Slim Design & Sony Copied it & Samung invented LED Technology first.Samsung too delivers Quality.

  • chintu . 3+ yrs. ago

Ghanta nahi Pata hai. Tujhe

  • frechy . 3+ yrs. ago

los nuevos tv sony tienen 30,000 horas vida util, a los led samsung los ponen 100,00 (acepto aclaraciones) samsung a mejorado con respecto a cuando recién salieron como marca, pero eso de hacer una comparación con toyota que solo se sostiene por su nombre, lata barata que siempre estan por de bajo de cualquier marca europea, dios le da ojos al que no quiere ver, seguro as tenido un toyota, fan boy, saludos

  • Syed Usman Haider . 3+ yrs. ago

sony is the beter to samsung because sony show the picture is totaly detail and depth and sony satisfy the custumer sony show the 3D with origenal movie

  • Abhinit . 3+ yrs. ago

Samsung Displays are way too good than Sony. 3D TVs are all the way flop of all Brands. Check out LED TVs.

  • vinny . 3+ yrs. ago

Learh how to spell and i just may read what you have to say.

  • THAS . 3+ yrs. ago


  • Abhinit . 3+ yrs. ago

Sony is best but now other brands have surpassed sony in Sound as well as in Displays & many more.

  • THAS . 3+ yrs. ago

சொனி தான் நல்ல கனி : மற்றவையெல்லாம் அழுகின கனி

  • PETER SPARROW . 3+ yrs. ago

samsung gives the best picture quality and smart settings for led tv.. i accept sont too but samsung is first then sony is next,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.

  • srini . 3+ yrs. ago

அழகுு தமிிழ் வாழ்க na sony radiova kandu pidichadu marconi

  • ranjit . 3+ yrs. ago

i am confuse which model is best sony ex 420 or samsung

  • PETER SPARROW . 3+ yrs. ago


  • Harold Bradley . 3+ yrs. ago

samsung und 8000 can not be beat

  • A.B.T. THAS . 3+ yrs. ago


  • PETER SPARROW . 3+ yrs. ago

for the crt, onida is the best.

  • vikas sharma . 3+ yrs. ago

samsung is a number no. brand not compare to any brand desine and qwality

  • QuestForTheBestLED . 3+ yrs. ago

I really, really want to buy the new Samsung D8000, however after reading online reviews for the past three hours I can't get past the consistent and fundamentally worrying reports that the Samsung D8000 suffers from poor screen uniformity, brightness variation and banding.

Weather this is a clever "bad PR" from SONY and/or the reviews from CNET, Review-tvs have a particular bias... I really liked the demo video of the D8000 from CES 2011... and I'd really wish that all these bad reports were not true as the Samsung TV's aesthetically look brilliant !!

If there is "someone" out there that can dispel or disprove all these reviews or if Samsung has "a fix" for this issue.... PLEASE post this info soon as I'll be researching till mid-December but at this stage it looks like I'll be going with the Bravia (KDL-55HX925)

  • Jakolino Bayagbag . 3+ yrs. ago

mga putang ina nyo ang gugulo nyo!

  • dagohoy . 3+ yrs. ago

haha oo nga

  • arun . 3+ yrs. ago

Samsung tech is ahead of Sony .Sony 32LED doesn't play many .mkv files . only old timers out of nostalgia rally for Sony

  • Kamerads . 3+ yrs. ago

China's TV, TCL is better than any others TV in entire world if your "tech" description only by video format/codec.

  • Carl . 3+ yrs. ago

I bought a Samsung smart tv 55 series led 6050, I found 1 burnt pixel on the screen (red)

I am bringing it back to the store, will get a Sony instead, sorry Samsung you missed your shot, not a satisfied customer.


  • foundanidiot . 3+ yrs. ago

You're an idiot. Every brand will have faulty units.

I'll say it again, you're an idiot.

  • JayG . 3+ yrs. ago

I also have an exp of poor service and faulty psc in Mobile, worrying same in the LED..


  • christian . 3+ yrs. ago

televisor Sony KDL EX525 vs Televisor Samsung Serie LED c7000 cual es mejor?

  • Honey . 3+ yrs. ago

Tell me which is best Sony ex 520 led/ ya samsung d 5500 led . Both r 40".

  • Thas . 3+ yrs. ago

definitely Samsung is best choice...I bought sony EX 520...Then I change to Samsung UA 40D5000....Samsung is awesome Product...My D5000 is verygood...LED and LCD samsung is the best...CRT sony is the best

  • hakan altun . 3+ yrs. ago

samsung u sony ile kıyaslamak bile sony e hakarettir.

  • twarah yusuph . 3+ yrs. ago

i want to buy led tv frm either sony or samsung, bt i get confussion

which one is the best, please those who have more experience to these

products help me to but the better one which has 3d.

  • Mom2Three . 3+ yrs. ago

I own a Samsung 46 LED 6050. Husband and I have been unhappy with the image quality. I have played countlessly with the image options, and have not been able to improve it. Was at Costco today (where I bought this tv from) and they had my model right beside the Sony Bravia EX62. The Samsung displayed the same issues I'm having with my tv (so I know I didn't get a bad unit). The image is blurry, and the highlights bleed. The Sony looked so much clearer. The image was darker, and I must admit that Samsung had better brightness and colours.... but I didn't tweak the Sony, so maybe that is adjustable. I am happy with other aspects of the Samsung... but I don't think I can get past the fact that the picture looks worse than my old CRT model that I bought this tv to replace. :(

  • abtthas . 3+ yrs. ago

சம்சுங் தான் நல்லவை - மற்றெல்லாம் பின்னவை......LED, LCD க்கு சம்சுங் தான்..CRTக்கு சொனி தான் ...மாற்ற முடியாத தாரகம் இதுவே

  • boomshakala . 3+ yrs. ago have a nice crystal clear color but painful to your eyes due to a high contrast performance espicially in HD...and the SD mode is not so good!!!!!!so I'd like to choose sony...natural clear color, deep color and deep also is very nice in SD..hmmmmmm....about the quality???????????????? its up to you :)

  • Aditya Raj . 3+ yrs. ago


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