Physical Beauty vs. Inner Beauty

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Difference between Physical Beauty and Inner Beauty

Beauty is an aspect; a characteristic that a person has which can be defines as anything that appeals the other person. Let it be your personality, your looks or even your habits, beauty can have various forms. Similarly, we have physical beauty, which can be a person's elegance, features, figure, or complexion, and inner beauty can be your personality traits, your habits or even your sense of humor. The definition of beauty keeps on changing based on what every individual perceives.

Physical Beauty
Inner Beauty


Scientific research showed that physical beauty was usually defined when a person had the face structure that was close to being symmetrical; he/she was often referred to as being beautiful. Inner beauty is a concept that is related to the intellect or other factors that please other people. Usually, people who have pure intentions towards others and can serve to be role models are said to have inner beauty.

Antagonism Involved

The difference between both types of beauty is evident but when it comes to applying it practically, inner beauty leads the way. Even if you look at the way we run now a days, if you find someone physically appealing and you personally know him or her and the personality that they have, you are the best judge of their character. One may be beautiful from the outside, but beauty lies within the person not outside. Even if the person is an epitome of beauty, an appalling personality will erase any type of loveliness he/she has on his/her face. The same is the case with those who are beautiful on the inside, they may not be beautiful on the outside, but their personality is such that they are still appealing to those who know them.

The Importance of This Knowledge

Today, we are divided into races and cultures and are spread all around the world. Our features and intellect may be the same, but there is always a factor in everyone that makes them distinctive from the other. Where both these types of beauties play important parts, one can never decide which is more important. Everyone takes these matters in different ways but the fact remains the same, inner beauty contributes the most in the practical life.

Similarities and Differences

One may be the personification of physical beauty but what lies inside is what matters the most at the end of the day. Vanity, greed, jealous or the other sins may come to any person in any form but knowing who you are is the important factor in life. Therefore, inner beauty wins this argument since:

  • When it comes to being practical, it is the person that you are which matters to people not the way you look. Even though looks do count to an extent, if you have the traits of a lovable person, no looks can match up to it.
  • It is the purity within that outshines on the face and if they inside are not untainted, it is bound to show to the people, despite the looks that you may have.

Comparison of Physical Beauty and Inner Beauty from Dr. Oz

Which characteristics of a person do most people fall in love with?
  • Physical Beauty
  • Inner Beauty

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Excellent article.

Ultimately we look as good as we feel. If we want to be sexy - we are. How I feel always shows in how I look.

  • Guest
  • darin wedd wrote on March 2013

nice that's very funny Jan, but thats really cool point

also i change my answer physical beauty doesn't help as much

thanks for this.

awsome encouragement for me and the people that are looking for confidence in themselves/ :)

Indeed! Great article. Beauty is what you feel. You need a partner who you can trust, understand, respect each other... not just how she/he looks.

"Attractiveness and magnetism of man's personality is the result of his inner radiance." - Yajur Veda, ancient hindu text about information on the interpretation and on the details of their performance.

It is weird that people voted more on inner beauty than physical because that may be how THEY feel but MOST people like others better because of looks.

Physical beauty is very pleasing to the eyes and exciting to the touch. Inner beauty, however, is not tangible and involves exploring and examining a person's character. Physical beauty is something we want to touch and yet, when we see inner beauty, we are the ones touched.

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