Jamaica vs. Bahamas

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Difference between Jamaica and Bahamas

At least once each year, most of us struggle to think of where we plan to go on vacation next or where to take our families on a holiday. If you've decided that a tropical vacation is what you need this year your friends and family may recommend Caribbean getaway to Jamaica or the Bahamas.Each island holds special appeal to visitors and promises to create memories to cherish. When it comes to entertainment and relaxation, a good choice begins with a beautiful beach and a bundle of sunshine. Both Jamaica and Bahamas are ready to offer you this, so here are some tips to help you decide.


Getting Around

Once you get to your destination, the first thing most people want to do is to have a drink. After that, a little sightseeing is in order. Both Jamaica and Bahamas offer beautiful natural settings and cultural centers that ought to be seen. Safety concerns are roughly the same also; don't wear expensive jewelry, carry a large wad of cash, and avoid isolated areas. In Jamaica you can hire a driver with flexible pricing for round trip excursions. In the Bahamas, cabs seem to be exceptionally cheap, I found a historic tour in center of Nassau costing about $10.


There are many things to do at night in Jamaica. For instance, you can go to Margaritaville, where if you wear beach attire your entrance will cost only $10. Other ambient locales are easy to reach such as Italian restaurants, Latin night clubs, local clubs or the Blue Beat Jazz & Blues Bar. These places are open all night. Bahamas also offers you a great variety of venues or clubs where you can spend your evenings. You can choose between local music bars or even casinos like the ever popular Atlantis Casino or the Crystal Palace Casino. There are many gorgeous and eye-catching spots in the Bahamas. You could easily stumble upon a small café with a festive atmosphere, Latin music and cigars.


Eating is an important ritual of our everyday life, so if you travel Jamaica or Bahamas, you really must try the local food. There are some specialties that call for tasting in the Bahamas; Bahamian Macaroni and Cheese, Conch Fritters, or maybe Bahamian Peas and Rice to name a few. But when comes to Jamaica, the gastronomical experience is second place to scenic travel. There are many historical places that you should include in your visit. Buildings wear the signs of history, because a lot has happened since Columbus arrived in Jamaica. These eras can be explored and found when you tour around looking at Jamaican architecture.

Similarities and Differences

Once you have decided to go to the Caribbean you can be sure that you will leave the unexciting part of your life at home. No matter what your destination will be, you will find:

  • Drivers to go around the city at affordable rates, an intensive nightlife where you can find variety and spice in evening entertainment and music scenes.
  • If you are looking for high luxury or casinos, your destination should lean towards the Bahamas.
  • Explore local history, local gastronomy, local music and local natural beauty for some memories that you will remember and share with your friends on some chilly winter evening.
Which destination has better beaches?
  • Jamaica
  • Bahamas

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Thanks for this useful information .

I am planning a visit there soon . And i will definitely stay in BAHAMAS

Jamaica is the best island in the Caribbean.

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