Iron Man vs. Incredible Hulk

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Difference between Iron Man and Incredible Hulk

Action heroes are part of our everyday lives. They are fighting for our goals, hunt down evil and make everything look fine.Sometimes we wish we had their abilities to win the everyday struggles. Both Iron Man and Incredible Hulk could be viewed as negative personas, but still, there is something that takes them to fight for the right cause. Although they are fictional characters they have a lot in common. Let's explore the abilities of these two fictional characters and compare them to gain a better comprehension and better observation about the hero notion.

Iron Man
Incredible Hulk


Iron Man was created by Stan Lee, Larry Liber and Don Heck and it was first presented in the Tales of Suspense in 1963. Iron Man used to be an arms dealer but the irony is the fact the Iron Man decides to develop some morals aptitude to repent for the actions by going against the very same people who wanted the weapons he developed. The Incredible Hulk appeared one year before in a comic book created by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee.While Incredible Hulk is an alter ego of a withdrawn physicist Dr. Bruce Banner, Iron Man comes to life in the suit of armor of an engineer who has been kidnapped and suffered a heart injury. He built this powerful suit to protect himself.


Iron Man has a powerful armor that transforms him into having superhuman powers regarding to durability and strength. Iron Man created the first prototype as he was held captive to create a weapon of mass destruction and he broke free from captivity with the suit. He has some powerful weapons: pulse bolt, electromagnetic pulse generator, and he is technically prepared for space travel. In contrary, Incredible Hulk has natural physical strength that manifests when displaying anger. The angrier Hulk gets, the stronger he gets. His strength makes him resist most forms of damage or injury. He has healing and regenerative powers and can breathe underwater and heal within seconds.


Tony Stark, the inventor of the Iron Man is a genius in physics, math, chemistry, engineering and computers. His mind is brilliant and he uses experiences gained in the artificial intelligence and quantum mechanics field. Unlike Tony Stark, Bruce Banner the alter ego of the Incredible Hulk is described as a genius with a deep love for Betty Ross. His field of experience is engineering, biology, psychology and chemistry.

Similarities and Differences

  • As you can see both heros are very powerful characters that came to life to protect one's integrity. It is hard to choose between them because both fight for the right causes, just in different ways.
  • They both came to life in the very beginning of the 60's, with the help of Stan Lee.
  • Their powers differ in that Iron Man is more like an engineering genius who has very powerful armaments and the Incredible Hulk is a hero with natural power who's strength is manifest through the emotion of anger.
Who would win?
  • Iron Man
  • Incredible Hulk

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  • Caeliana wrote on April 2010

Finally, The Hulk is just a tighter film. Iron Man, which times in at 126 minutes, would have been a better film if it was about 15 minutes shorter. The Hulk, which comes in at 114 minutes, could have also lost some footage, but also moves at a solid rate once Ross uncovers Banner’s location and overall plans.

  • Guest
  • Prabhu wrote on November 2013

Hulk has got superhuman trousers. \m/

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