Harry Potter vs. Merlin

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Difference between Harry Potter and Merlin

Although the character Merlin is based on a long running legend dating back hundreds of years, there is no denying the massive impact that the entire Harry Potter franchise has on the global public consciousness. With Harry Potter a certified cultural phenomenon that has many parts of the world in its grip, we thought it would be interesting to see how the two characters measure up against each other on terms of sheer wizardry.

Harry Potter


Harry Potter was born to wizards James and Lily Potter, and he inherited their knack at conjuring up powerful spells. Young Harry was destined by birth to be a powerful wizard. He would later defeat the dark magician Voldemort, who threatened the wizard world with his dark craft.

Merlin was born of ancient religion with a natural ability for sorcery and wizardry. His destiny led him to play an instrumental role in the Golden Age of Camelot, and he later became King Arthur's most powerful ally.

Specialty Spells

Harry's most powerful spells are "Stupefy" and "Expelliarmus", which has the effect of disarming even his strongest enemies. He also has a particularly effective spell called Patronus, which gives him protection against the dark forces. Harry has also been known to dip into the dark arts, as can be seen in his use of the Cruciatus curse.

Merlin for his part utilizes the Sidhe staff extensively in order to manipulate time as well as to aid in telekinesis. This staff allows him to slow down time for example, or to confuse his enemies. Merlin rarely indulges in flashy and overtly powerful spells, although he has been known to call on the Great Dragon on occasion. It is this dragon that allows Merlin to utilize a host of powerful swords endowed with magic, such as the Excalibur.

Combat Strategies

For his young age, Harry is gifted with abundant amounts of courage, tenacity, and the will to stand up against some pretty fierce adversaries. Harry later goes on to become a very formidable wizard in his own right, and in addition to training fledgling wizards to combat the dark forces, he himself goes up against some of the most powerful evil magic in the world.

Merlin on the other hand rarely goes head to head against his opponents, but rather uses his extraordinary cunning to subtly bend others to his will. He also often works his magic unseen or through other people, including even Prince Arthur. Merlin has faced some formidable opponents during his career; many of them far more accomplished wizards.

Similarities and Differences

Harry Potter

  • Destined to be a powerful wizard
  • Practices a number of powerful spells
  • Utilizes the dark arts on occasion


  • Practices magic more subtly
  • Rarely seen working his magic
  • Uses the Sidhe staff
  • Is a close ally of King Arthur
Which wizard has better magic?
  • Harry Potter
  • Merlin

Discuss It: comments 6

Merlin is a character of age older than time legend. Potter is a popular book character created by a 21st century writer. Merlin wins because he has survived from Dark Ages’ story telling to become the source of a TV series in 2009. No contest.

  • Guest
  • Olo Eopia wrote on November 2010

Merlin thinks stuff and it happens instantaneously whether as Harry has to mess around with a dinky little wand. Also, versing each other, the only 2 spells Harry could really use effectively against Merlin is the Cruciatus curse and the Stupefy spell because well, let's face it, what use are spells of protection against evil going to be against someone who's not evil? and disarm? seriously? lol merlin doesn't need a staff to cast!! lol Merlin could just think "die, noob!" and Harry would just drop dead on the spot!

Merlin would definitely win. Harry is too much dependent with his wand while Merlin can just make stuff happen by simply looking. To Merlin, magic is just as natural as breathing. Also, Merlin is more clever and cunning due to the fact that he has to keep his magic hidden.

I would go for Merlin... His magic is undeniably strong. He is legendary wizard and the father of all magic. Magic begun from him... Merlin can make magic from A to Z. He can make some unique magic that Harry can't. Merlin can tame mystical creatures like dragon and use them to protect him....

  • Guest
  • gift wrote on November 2012

Harry is going to win..merlin magic is not strong enough .harry redirect spells with his wand harry also got the power to speak to snakes,imagine merlin dragon vs harry basilask

  • Guest
  • Billie Wolf wrote on May 2020

You are a terrible person Harry uses too much violence.

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