Country Wine vs. Estate Wine

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Difference between Country Wine and Estate Wine

A good wine can create the atmosphere for a friendly chat or other social activities. When tasting a wine you should look at its appearance, the aroma of the wine, the sensations offered and the aftertaste. These four stages establish the properties of the tasted wine. I recommend opening an estate wine to start things off. When the estate wine is all over, a good country wine can always bring some extra pleasure with its taste. There are basic differences between the country and the estate wine. They are both good wines, but expectations when you open the bottles differ. Here are some tips you may consider when you decide which one to buy.

Country Wine
Estate Wine


When you open a bottle of wine, a different world open with it. It cannot be compared with the gesture of when you open a beer. Both country wines and estate wines offer this pleasure. Nothing feels better than to open up a nice bottle of wine over a hearty dinner. Many cultures use wine as cultural tradition as well as a social ritual.


Country wines give you the possibility of participating and managing the development process from the very beginning of preparing the grape until it is ready. Some time may pass, because it can take up to 18 months for a wine to mature, but it is worth it. You can control the fermentation process, you can control the alcohol level, its taste; everything. Unlike County wines, estate wines are ready made, bottled wines, whom are ready to open and taste. They can create an atmosphere, but they don't have the I-made-it feeling. Making your own wine is generally cheaper than going to buy the already made wine. The benefits of making personal wine is that is can be a liberating experience to create your own wine and possibly be a business venture.

Estate wines are often produced in mass quantities and employ high tech methodologies. Personalization of the process is severely limited but people have learned what to expect from known labels and wineries and will pay for it. Sometimes there is just a social stigma attached to labels and entertaining can call for general acceptance that the wine served is up to par by reading which vintner is on the label.


Estate wines can be guessed by the label the marketer puts on. To the contrary, the country wine is the liquid that you control. Its taste and everything around it is yours. There are methods that you can use to change your wine if, for example, the wine tastes too dry or sweet or musty smell. In these cases, your option with estate wine is to go to the store and buy another.

Similarities and Differences

  • As we could see, the country wine can be more personal. When we invite somebody to taste our wine that person meets with the taste a little bit of our personality.
  • Since the wine has great tradition among the centuries the fermentation process is well known by those who decide to make their own wine.
  • The whole process of making country wine is controlled by one person or farm, who decides the strength, the taste, the added ingredients and preparation process details.
  • Estate wine's taste is expected based on the label, the country wine's taste varies and can be preferred by more adventurous pallets.
Which tastes better overall?
  • Country Wine
  • Estate Wine

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