Barbie vs Bratz: Which is best?

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Difference between Barbie and Bratz

Dolls have been a favorite with girls and all since time immemorial. Now, girls love Barbie dolls and Bratz dolls as well. Barbie has been more popular with girls than Bratz dolls due to the amazing looks of the former. Barbie draws its inspiration from real life and is available in all kinds of outfits and makeup. Bratz was launched after Barbie but its dolls also consist of boys apart from girls unlike Barbie. Unlike Barbie, it has four main series of dolls called the Jade, Sasha, Cloe, and Yasmin. Barbie has become a household name now, with every girl having played with this doll in her childhood. Bratz have been unable to assume this kind of popularity.



Barbie is a doll with rather normalized proportions but Bratz have oversized facial specifications like face, hair and eyes. Bratz dolls have bigger eyes and longer voluminous hair in contrast to Barbie. Bratz dolls don't have quite as delicate features as Barbie dolls. Bratz are 10 inch in size whereas a Barbie dolls vary widely in size.


Barbie is a far older doll than Bratz because it debuted in 1959 whereas the latter came up in 2001 only.


Barbie was banned in Islamic countries but alternatives have come available recently. An international series of Barbie dolls have been well received with some dolls being based on popular real life ethnic personalities. Bratz have never faced any such repercussions. The Bratz dolls have been given more adaptations for making them affable with customers, for example, with a Be-Bratz doll, any doll owner can name an online doll after him/her and use it on a social networking site. He/she can use the doll's image as a part of his personal appearance on the forum.


Bratz were released as Bratz only. But Barbie had a name change in 1964 because initially it was launched as Lilli in 1959. The creators of Bratz, MGA entertainment have been sued by Barbie because it believes that it's just an imitation of Barbie. Bratz have now been discontinued due to this lawsuit and MGA entertainment has come up with Mozie Girlz as a replacement. However, Bratz will make a reentry in August 2010 year to celebrate its 9th anniversary.

Similarities and Differences

  • Importance:

    Barbie is not just a doll but a cultural icon that has received many cultural accolades since its issue now. A painting of Barbie was made by Andy Warhol in 1985. Unlike Bratz which has not made such an impression now, people look up to Barbie as a symbol of beauty. It also made an appearance at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week held in New York on its 50th birthday.
  • Popularity:

    It all depends on your own choice as Barbie is more popular and preferred by many people as compared to Bratz.
  • Accessories:

    Barbie Dolls also have accessories, books and cosmetics issued under the brand name. Since Barbie is a character unlike Bratz, it has made an appearance in popular movie Toy story 2.
Which doll is cuter?
  • Barbie
  • Bratz

Discuss It: comments 6

For me Barbie works very well and i adore it.

the barbie is not pretty dolls i want bratz!!

For Me Bratz its so Beutiful but the barbies is from babies or kinder only and love bratz i choose it the bratz

  • Guest
  • Izabella wrote on December 2010

The Bratz dolls aren't pretty at all. The Barbie dolls are beautiful. I want Barbie dolls! They're just better than Bratz.

  • Guest
  • Marion Parish wrote on March 2011


I like Bratz better and Barbie are old for me

so I had 118 Barbie dolls and now gone because I hate them and I had 40 Bratz dolls but I stay have about 18 Bratz dolls so both ok and both same I think so I really not like dolls now so I like Best is Bratz. :)

Bratz are better to me.since they have lots of different topics then Barbie's.Also even if they ate big in some places doesn't make them different then Barbie's.Barbies are only skinny that's why people like them.Plus Bratz have a great style and don't care about ther self's but Barbie's do.If you see bratz videos you will know that they care about the people from ther shows.

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