Atlantis vs. Lemuria

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Difference between Atlantis and Lemuria

Ancient civilizations can be defined as the construction on the ruins of more than ten thousand years of various cultures such as Mayan, Egyptian, Indus, Mesopotamia, Roman and Greek. Other cultures are also included that are mentioned in different records and are mostly mentioned through archaeology. Atlantis and Lemuria are two such names that are included in this category of ancient civilizations.


Atlantis is a land that was told about in words, myths, postulations, fantasies, suggestions and other definitions that told of its beauty and lavishness. It is believed that Atlantis was as a mere production of poetic inspirations and nothing more. People are witnesses to have given a lot of attention to this magnificent place and most of the times have read it in form of illusions that were presented forward in form of words: poetry and stories. It is still believed that such a place did exist but, quite a while ago. On the other hand, it is said that Lemuria was a civilization that existed as well, was destroyed about roughly 80,000 years ago, and had another name: "Lu". People also disagree with this statement and refuse to believe that such a place existed but it is firmly believed by many that "The Ring Of Fire" that exists today on the equator of the earth was previously a continent by the name of Lemuria.

Deja Vu

Even though the masses believe that Atlantis was nothing more than just a vision created by those who had the talent of writing, amateurs and even a few solemn scientist have firm faith in the fact that this place did exist many years ago. Lemuria is a continent that is linked with the past-life. It is said when your sub-conscious alerts you of a land that you can recall, identifying various aspects of it and you believe that it is something to do with you past life, it is most likely to be the continent of Lemuria, which mysteriously disappeared in a night.

Current Standing

If you come to think of it, if Atlantis and Lemuria never existed, why do they have a reputation and belief of vanishing today. Human nature is such that we are born curious, why is there a curiosity within people today if these places/continents never existed? Where some may believe that this is as sheer hallucination and a state of mind, one cannot deny the fact that there are equal chances of such places existing, as there are of their non-existence.

Similarities and Differences

There are all sorts of people in this world who have various beliefs and different point of views regarding the existing and non-existing factors in life. Same is the reason for this case of ancient civilization of Atlantis and Lemuria existing or not. To conclude, they both stand on the same level when it comes to supporting them, as both do not have any strong evidence of existing nor of not existing. Therefore, to wrap it up:

  • Atlantis and Lemuria are said to be just make-believe continents but no proof has been presented to show that they are exactly what they are talked of.
  • Today, the world is still trying to find out whether such continents existed or not and this research is being conducted for a reason: who knows, maybe they did exist after all.

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