Cinderella vs. Sleeping Beauty

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Difference between Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty

Moving images of your favorite cartoon characters into the real world can be so much fun. Why to offer movies too all the big people, there should be something exciting for the kids. Kid movies are available in so many of the formats to provide them with knowledgeable and moral stories depicted by the moving images of the characters. Some of the most long lasting and effective stories for the kids which can be all time favorite movies for all would be the Sleeping Beauty and the Cinderella.

Sleeping Beauty


Both of these exciting animated movies are a product of the Walt Disney. While Cinderella is a story derived from the fairy tale "Cendrillon", Sleeping Beauty is derived from the fairy tale "La Belle au Bois Dormant" by Charles Perrault. The release of the movies was in the year 1950 and 1959 respectively. Both of these movies comprises of some breath taking songs.


Cinderella is based entirely depicting the crisis in a poor girl's life, Cinderella. Her step-mom and step sisters had all the liberty to discomfort her post her father's death. The story begins with this beautiful girl loved by all shown in a very unhealthy environment. But this scenario changes when she gets the chance to meet the fairy godmother followed with the meeting with the prince. With the twist as she leaves the palace with no sign of herself to be identified, the story increases the excitement. The shoe becomes the main identity which she had slipped out while climbing the stairs in a hurry.

Sleeping Beauty is a concept that begins with the disappointment of the wicked fairy due to an invitation not being sent to her. The princess Aurora in the 14th century is born who brings sunshine into the lives of the king and the queen. Each and every fairy has been invited to bless her. She is blessed with the beauty and the gift of song. But the forgotten wicked fairy lands up and she curses her to death. The curse is partially controlled by the other fairy leading to the princess sleeping till she is awakened with the true love's kiss. So the journey begins to resolve this mystery.


A lot of soulful music can be found in both the movies. How wonderful it would be to listen to the songs of Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty and feel to be in a fairy land. "Once upon a time" title track of the Sleeping Beauty moves your heart by the voice and the lyrics.

"A dream is a wish your heart makes" song of the movie Cinderella arouses the feeing of how wonderful it is to dream about the life that is always wanted.

Similarities and Differences

An opportunity that both of these flick give is the opportunity to enter the fairy land.

  • Cinderella is completely a story of dreams coming true.
  • Cinderella has the colors of life to be seen.
  • Sleeping Beauty has the story of the moral that patience is a vitally important.
  • Soulful movies to be offered by both of them.

So girls enjoy the animation of your favorite characters of Cinderella and princess Aurora!


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