Positive Thinking vs. Negative Thinking: What's on Your Mind?

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Difference between Positive Thinking and Negative Thinking

Positive thinking and negative thinking are something that most people do everyday. However, most people are going to lean towards thinking positively or negatively. There are huge differences between the two forms of thinking. This includes the outlook on life that this type of thinking gives the person, the self-esteem that the person has and their health.

Positive Thinking
Negative Thinking

Outlook on Life

Depending on how the person thinks will depend on how they look at life. Those that practice positive thinking are going to look at life as though it is an experience that everyone should experience. Those with negative thinking are going to look at life as though it is a hassle. Those engaging positive thinking are basically going to live each day to its fullest and deal with the bad things with optimism. While those with negative thinking are going to wake up everyday waiting for the worse to happen. Because of this they are going to view those setbacks in life as the worst thing that could possibly happen in their life and it may just seem like the end of their life for that person.

Self Esteem

The way that a person thinks has a direct connection with how well they think of themselves. Those who think negatively may always put themselves down. For example, they may never think that they are good enough or attractive enough because they have this negative way of thinking about life and themselves. Those with positive thinking are going to have better self-esteem because they are going to be a positive thinking person sans a sense of ‘poor me’ or ‘this is just my lot in life’ perceptions. Because of this, when they take a hit to their self-esteem, they are going to bounce right back because of the way they perceive the causes and effects of the current event or the way they focus on moving forward rather than reflecting on the how the current setback ties to any sort of perceived negative trending in their life. Those with negative thinking are going to dwell on the faults that they find within themselves and find a way to blame either themself or someone else, while those with positive thinking are going to move on with their life and not dwell on things that they cannot control.


The health of a person not only depends upon the physical shape that the person is in, but also on the mental thinking of the person. Too many times, those that think negatively find themselves sicker more often than those that think positively. The person who thinks negative all the time is going to wear themselves down which causes the immune system to drop, according to much research that has been done on the subject. Thus, it negative thinking not only hurts the self-esteem, but it could mean the difference between having a few extra colds each year or having a year that is full of health and smiles, such as the person that has positive thinking.


The differences between positive and negative thinking are distinct. And these differences can mean a huge difference in the life that the person is leading.

  • The splendor of life is appreciated more fully by positive thinking and by those who appreciate the beauty of it.
  • Negative thinking has the person looking at life as though it is a chore and rarely enjoying anything that comes along.
  • Positive thinking allows the person to enjoy life and look forward to everything that comes and goes because they realize that each occurrence is just another stone in their path.
  • Those with negative thinking have lower self esteems because they are harder on themselves and unable to brush off comments that may be aimed towards them.
  • Positive thinking results in higher self-esteem because the person can simply get over the snide comments made by others and they are thankful for the body, possessions and relationships that they have.
  • Those with negative thinking are generally going to be sicker more than those with positive thinking since the constant worrying and depressions that negative thinking people have lowers the immune system.


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  • kay . 3+ yrs. ago

good reading and agree with everything except that positive thinking people have positive self-esteem. I know many people that are wonderful at being and staying positive with one exception that being they still have low self esteem and that problem was caused directly by other people downing them constantly, a person can only take so many hits before he or she starts to believe the negativity projected upon them by others.

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