Crest vs. Colgate

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Difference between Crest and Colgate

For years the competition in the toothpaste market has been centered around the two biggest brands, Crest and Colgate. Each brand claims to be the best in fighting plague, whitening teeth, and maintaining overall health of the mouth. And these two brands are constantly going head to head in order to attract more customers. However, there are certain characteristics that set them apart from one another, such as the taste of the toothpaste that each brand offers, the whitening power, and probably the most significant difference, the price that each brand costs that set them apart from the numerous other brands of toothpaste that are on the market for consumers to choose.



Taste wise, both Crest and Colgate offer the mint that people are used to trying. However, when people are looking for taste they are also looking for whether they will be using a gel or a paste. Colgate is more commonly referred to as the white paste that has the lasting taste of mint. While, Crest can be found in paste form as well as gel form. There are more flavors when it comes to Crest, as they offer spearmint, peppermint and cinnamon just to name a few. So when it comes to taste, the winner between the two would have to be Crest given that it has more flavors to choose from, meaning it can satisfy more consumers.

Whitening Power

Whiter teeth is something that everyone wants since the sodas and coffees that we drink everyday slowly builds up over time, giving our teeth a yellow appearance. This is why finding a toothpaste that offers some type of whitening ingredient is common for most people to find. Both Crest and Colgate offer toothpastes that are designed specifically for whitening of the teeth while still protecting against plague and gum disease. Crest uses two ingredients that work together in order to take away those surface stains. The Colgate toothpaste utilizes one ingredient to rid teeth of stains. So, which is better? When looking at the results of those who have tried both, most people report that the Crest toothpaste does do better since it does utilize two ingredients to whiten teeth.


Probably the biggest reason that people buy one product of the other is due to the price of the toothpaste. In most major stores, Crest will cost around two to three dollars, once again depending upon location. Colgate is slightly cheaper and can be found many times for as low as $1.50. Price wise, the winner is Colgate simply because you can find it at a more reasonable rate. In addition, both products often go on sale and include coupons from the manufacturer, thus there is always that option as well.

Similarities and Differences

  • Choosing between Crest and Colgate is not a difficult decision. In most aspects, the two toothpastes do perform at the same rate. However, they do have some differences.
  • In regard to taste, Crest has many more options to choose from, while Colgate sticks with the mint flavor.
  • Both brands have whitening formula toothpaste, however, the Crest version uses two ingredients that promote whitening, while Colgate only uses one ingredient.
  • Colgate is slightly cheaper than Crest at the store.
  • All in all, it boils down to a personal preference for the person and which brand that they are most loyal to.

Which toothpaste tastes better?
  • Crest
  • Colgate

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Crest is the best hands dowwwn

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