Evite vs. Punchbowl

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Difference between Evite and Punchbowl

Holding an event and in need of quality online invitations fast? Sites such as Evite and Punchbowl may be able to help. The latest and greatest of invitation websites, this new trend has a lot going for it, as this comparison between the two services reveals.



Evite is a social-planning website that offers a variety of online invitation creation, sending, and management services. Launched in 1998, Evite is funded totally by advertisements, and therefore offers its services for free. Acquired by InterActiveCorp in 2001, Evite was later acquired by Liberty Media in 2010.

Punchbowl is a company that offers a variety of services that make it easy for you to plan a party for start to finish. In addition to offering a range of invitations, Punchbowl also offers party favors, gift registries, photo and video sharing services, and even party ideas and more. The end goal of Punchbowl is to help you infuse each party with your own unique personal touch.


Evite has a number of advantages over the competition, most notably with its feature that sends automatic reminders via e-mail, days before the event. Hosts will also be able to tell whether or not a guest has viewed the invitation. As for styles, Evite offers numerous options for changing settings, colors, layouts, and even renaming the guest categories, of which there are four. Finally, Evite also allows users to send updates to their guests when other guests RSVP, or when there is a change in the event details.

Punchbowl for its part offers a remarkably clean interface that makes sign up a straightforward process. Along with this is a he or she of features and user options, such as the ability to edit comments or details right from the page, without having to load new pages for each edit. You can also upload photos and change the color of the background, and even customize the message on the invitation emails before you send them out to your guests.


We have to take off a few points from Evite for the interface, which is literally cluttered with ads. In fact, almost all the site’s pages feature ads for other Evite services. The interface is also a bit dated looking, and there are relatively few AJAX, JAVA, or Flash features that make other similar sites easier to navigate and easier on the eyes.

Punchbowl would be a worthy enough contender to Evite, where it not for the lack of several key features, such as the option to add background images or to ask guests how many people they plan to bring.

Similarities and Differences


  • A social-planning website that offers a variety of online invitation services
  • Allows you to send automatic reminders via e-mail, days before the event
  • Cluttered with ads


  • A company that offers a variety of party planning services
  • Has a remarkably clean interface
  • Lacks several key features


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  • Linda Bigelow . 3+ yrs. ago

I would like to have a telephone number for Punchbowl, I signed on today, I am not certain if the evite went through. I did send an emai, waiting for a response.A customer service representative would be helpful

  • DJ . 3+ yrs. ago

Unclear on when this was written since Punchbowl has many more features than e-vite - you can set up a potluck (writing in items you want people to bring and allowing them to add with details), allow each guest to invite others, link guests so that they can RSVP for one another, just to name a few. Most importantly, if the invitation does not go through it will tell you it was undeliverable so you can make corrections - this was HUGE in helping our group explain why ppl complained they never for invites.

HOWEVER, as of mid-2014, it appears that if you are inviting over 75 people on Punchbowl, you have to upgrade to $20/month service or send 2 separate invites which makes many of the features useless. I was sold on Punchbowl, but it now seems we will have to return to Evite for our group functions. Just wanted to provide update.

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