Eric Schmidt vs. Steve Jobs

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Difference between Eric Schmidt and Steve Jobs

When it comes to success in the Internet age, Eric Schmidt and Steve Jobs are simply without compare. Jobs is of course known as the one/long-time head honcho of Apple Inc, and Schmidt, for his part, has achieved a measure of success as Google CEO. Interestingly enough, Schmidt was formerly a member of Apple Inc's Board of Directors as well. Let's see how else these two men's paths converge.

Eric Schmidt
Steve Jobs


Eric Schmidt was born on April 27, 1955, and is an engineer who has achieved renown as Google's Chairman and CEO. Schmidt was also previously a member of Apple Inc's Board of Directors, as well as a member of the board of trustees of Carnegie Mellon University and Princeton University.

Steve Jobs was born on February 24, 1955, and is an American entrepreneur and inventor known chiefly for his roles as co-founder and CEO of Apple Inc. Jobs was also chief executive at Pixar Animation Studios, and joined the Board of Directors of The Walt Disney Company in 2006, after Pixar was acquired by Disney. His name can be seen in the end credits of Pixar's Toy Story as executive producer.


If the achievements of Eric Schmidt and Steve Jobs are to be measured by their monetary rewards and awards received, both men have accomplished much indeed. Early on in his career, Schmidt was rewarded with more than $500,000 for his work at Google. Even without the benefit of earnings from stock investments or involvement in the corporate setup of Google, he achieved millionaire status with the share market investments, and is regularly included in the richest people lists of many prominent magazines.

Steve Jobs’ monetary rewards for his work are of course well known, but in addition, he has received several awards as well. Among these are the National Medal of Technology, and the Jefferson Award for public services. His achievements continue on to this very day, and he has in fact been recognized as the most powerful figure in the business world. Jobs is also considered by many to be a model and an inspiration in entrepreneurship.

Locking Horns

Eric Schmidt and Steve Jobs are also known adversaries of sorts, with both men and their companies frequently engaged in battles over the mobile computing and cell phones markets. The effects of these battles are considerable, and often proud\computer engineering ripples throughout the digital business world. Among the most hotly contested arenas that the two find themselves at odds in are acquisitions, patents, key personnel and the most fiercely contested of all, iPhone applications. In fact, the two have been known to issue scathing remarks against each other and each other's companies, both in the media and during private exchanges with co-workers.

Similarities and Differences

Eric Schmidt

  • Google's Chairman and CEO
  • Previously a member of Apple Inc's Board of Directors

Steve Jobs

  • Co-founder and CEO of Apple Inc
  • Joined the Board Of Directors of The Walt Disney Company in 2006

Which person is more famous?
  • Eric Schmidt
  • Steve Jobs

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