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Difference between Edocr.Com and Scribd.Com

Document storage continues to be an integral part of the web experience, and services such as Edocr.Com and Scribd.Com have begun offering a variety of opportunities by which storing and sharing content on the web has become smart.


Edocr.Com is a service that allows users to upload documents and grant other people to access these documents, enabling them to download, share or embed them using the Flash interface on websites. Edocr.Com also bucks the trend by limiting its content to.doc and .PDF files, excluding spreadsheets and presentations. This allows the service to maintain efficient performance by eschewing bulky PowerPoint presentations.

Scribd.Com is a document-sharing site that allows users to post documents in different formats, as well as enabling embedding into web pages using the iPaper format. The service was founded in 2006 by Trip Adler.


Edocr.Com gives users the opportunity to make their documents available from one source, and one that is indexed by Google and Bing, among others. Documents can be anything from brochures to press releases, as long as they conform to the supported formats. Documents can also be shared to other Edocr.Com users via almost 300 popular web services, among them Facebook and Twitter.

Scribd.Com distinguishes itself from the competition with its use of its own iPaper format, which shares many similarities with that other rich document format, PDF. These formats basically enable users to embed documents into web pages. Utilizing Adobe Flash, iPaper makes it possible for documents to be viewed across different operating systems without the need for conversion routines. Among the application formats supported by iPaper are Word docs, PowerPoint, PDFs, OpenDocument, OpenOffice documents, and PostScript files.

In Use

Edocr.Com is a fairly new service, so user reviews are still a bit scant. Although it shares many of the features of Scribd.Com, and in fact looks pretty similar, it seems to be geared toward a more business oriented set of applications rather than toward individuals. Nevertheless, its feature set and straightforward interface makes it stand up admirably against similar products, such as DocStoc, Scribd.

Scribd.Com is simply one of the easiest to use services if you want to embed PDF and Word documents onto websites. It offers support for a wide range of different document formats, and its feature set comes with anything and everything you would need to make short work of uploading documents. In addition, Scribd.Com allows users to copy and paste the embed code of the document that they have uploaded and add it as a flash reader on a website. This makes it possible for users to read the PDF file right from the site instead of having to download it beforehand.

Similarities and Differences


  • Service that allows users to upload documents
  • Grants other people access to documents, enabling them to download, share or embed them using the Flash interface on websites


  • A document-sharing site that allows users to post documents in different formats
  • Enables embedding of documents into web pages using the iPaper format

Which document service site is better?
  • Edocr.Com
  • Scribd.Com

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