Whole Meal Bread vs. Wholegrain Bread: Breakfast Nutrition

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Difference between Whole Meal Bread and Wholegrain Bread

Bread is a staple food which has been very popular for thousands of centuries now. Bread is still a very good and popular choice for our daily need for carbohydrates. It is perfect during breakfast and snacks. Because the world today is experiencing and learning a lot due to the advancement of technology and artificial ingredients in our foods, a slew of health concerns have being introduced. Because of this, bakers have developed two types of bread which prove to be healthier alternatives to the traditional white bread. These breads are made using whole meal and wholegrain. These two have distinct benefits and are consumed by people with differing nutritional needs.

Whole Meal Bread
Wholegrain Bread


Whole meal bread is a type of bread which is composed of more dietary fibers compared to the traditional white bread. Also, compared with white bread, instead of using only the endosperm of a grain to make bread, the whole meal bread makes use the entire wheat grain. This gives the whole meal bread more vitamins and minerals as well as fiber for better physical health. Wholegrain bread also is manufactured using the same ingredient as that of whole meal bread.


When people eat food, they often wonder of the benefits that the food they eat can give their bodies. A whole meal bread has all the essential vitamins and minerals that a normal white bread contains and some more. Eating this type of food regularly aids in preventing some serious illnesses to conquer your body such as diabetes, certain cancers and heart attacks. The same benefits and nutrition to the body applies to the wholegrain bread, which is another term for whole meal bread.


The benefits and the ingredients of both the whole meal bread and wholegrain bread are practically the same. The main difference with these two lies with its appearance. While the whole meal bread is made of the same ingredient as that of the whole grain bread, the former is produced with finer texture compared to the latter which has these wholegrain seeds. These wholegrain seeds are scientifically tested to make you fuller for a longer period of time. These seeds also aid in the slowing down of sugar release in the blood which controls diabetes. There are no known differences for these two when it comes to taste, except for the sandy sensation in the wholegrain bread due to the seeds that are embedded in the flour.

Similarities and Differences

  • Whole meal bread makes use of the entire wholegrain seed to make the bread and it is produced in a fine texture like that of normal white bread.
  • Wholegrain bread are also made of the entire wholegrain seed and as an added extra to make the effects of fullness longer, they included the actual wholegrain seeds in the bread.
  • The wholegrain bread is better than the whole meal bread for they have the same ingredients and benefits but the wholegrain bread have grain seeds that make people fuller.

Which type of bread is healthiest?
  • Whole Meal Bread
  • Wholegrain Bread

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