Betty vs. Veronica: Best Girlfriend Material

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Difference between Betty and Veronica

The rivalry between Betty and Veronica for the affection of Archie is as old as the comic book itself, and it seems that neither one is able to hold on to the advantage for very long. While there are times when Archie seems to settle on the sweet and goodhearted nature of Betty, he is more likely than not only a few pages away from shifting his attention to the dark haired Veronica. While Archie does seem unable to make up his mind, this comparison article that reveals the best–and worse–attributes of each beauty should help you decide which one Archie should go for.


At A Glance

Betty is a blond and sweet-hearted lass with an undying affection for Archie. Always loyal and Veronica present, she appears largely resigned to Archie's affections for Veronica, although she is constantly reduced to tears by Archie's insensitivity and has been known to resent it on occasion. Veronica is almost the polar opposite of Betty in terms of appearance, background and disposition. She is always the Archie's first choice and he has in fact been known to ignore Betty in favor of Veronica’s affection.

Hair Color And Disposition

Betty is blond and a bit on the dowdy side, and Archie often sees her as one of the boys, much to Betty's chagrin. In spite of always being passed over in favor of Veronica however, Betty remains unwavering in her devotion to Archie. Veronica is a raven-haired and somewhat sassy beauty who is always dressed in the height of fashion. While she is undoubtedly smitten by Archie, she does tend to take him for granted from time to time, in much the same way that Archie treats Betty. Nevertheless, she is clearly attracted to Archie and she is almost always sweet and caring towards him. In fact, the constant "one-upmanship" between the two girls in providing for Archie's wants is a recurring theme in Archie Comics.

Financial Considerations

Betty is clearly from a family of more modest means, and she is probably in the same income bracket as Archie. Veronica on the other hand is obviously from a well-to-do family, and while Archie hasn't actually shown any signs that he favors one girl over the other for financial considerations, it would appear that his financial future would be more favorable if he opts to go with Veronica instead of Betty. At the time of this writing however, Archie is no closer to making a decision than he was when the first comic book was published.



  • Blond, sweet, caring and considerate
  • Always plays second choice to Veronica
  • Embodies the "girl-next-door" type that everyone would like to take home to his mother
  • Comes from a family of more modest means


  • Dark-haired, bold and sassy
  • Always seems to end up with Archie
  • Shows genuine affection for Archie
  • Always smartly dressed in the height of fashion
  • Comes from a very rich family

Which girl does Archie hang out with most?
  • Betty
  • Veronica

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  • Nicole wrote on October 2010

Growing up with beautiful blonde cousins who were socially adept and boy-crazy...I was a bit behind...I blossomed in late high school and became "Veronica" alluring dark haired sex siren. Blondes feared me...and my cousins were hurt...suddenly I was wanted by all the guys...including their guys. Suffice it to say...growing up is difficult and challenging. Glad those days are over. I settled down with a red-haired loving blonde cousin died and the other is only "fairly" happy. Why ?

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